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It is important to remember that ultimately meditation is a way of being, not just a functional technique designed to produce results but a way of orienting and grounding oneself in the world. In other words meditation is not just something that you can do; it is also something you can be.

The Way of meditation is the ongoing holistic experience of being self-aware, open and kind-hearted, not only when sitting silently on a meditation cushion, but at all times. Meditation is not just practices geared toward producing results but is the continuous uniting with the intelligent aware flow of life which can only be felt immediately and directly, without deliberation, and the cultivation of qualities which are already present within you. Meditation is a ‘Way’ to be natural, spontaneous and to trust your own basic goodness. Grounded in an openness that is unbounded, the Way is pure and receptive within the present situation, allowing creativity to flourish. This way is spacious, loving and non-judgmental.To live this way is to place primary importance on simply being; perfectly complete already, the script or description of the present situation is useful but always of secondary importance and always understood to be biased, founded on assumptions of lack and incompleteness, this is the essential stress of our lives. Living from an ego through a narrative continuously disturbs the mind. But without taking the thoughts or stories seriously the mind can be left to rest without disturbance, this calm ‘script-less’ way of being uncovers a type of pure awareness that is non-conceptual, naturally present and content in the moment.

Meditation could be said to be timeless in this regard comfortably being in the eternal now. This type of awareness can ‘see through’ the ego character that is anxiously preoccupied with achieving future-orientated goals or trying to act the ‘right way’ and therefore awareness remains undisturbed and naturally open. This open presence can then be recognized as who you really are, your ultimate identity without the stories, and you can confidently respond to situations spontaneously rather than habitually. Awareness is left unaltered and free and is understood to be complete and non-dual, a peaceful self-aware ground, or basis, of all experiences.

This view has been pointed out by mystics and contemplatives throughout history. Meditation masters have called it by various names but they all seem to discover that the naturally abiding, clear light of awareness at the foundation of all human beings is also full of energy, bliss, peace, love and wisdom, an abundant reservoir of divine qualities. The term ‘Meditation’ should include not just the functional techniques to produce results but also the immediate access and abidance as this awareness, a direct recognition of that which the masters are pointing out; which is the very heart of your own being full of divine qualities. The Way of meditation is an ongoing abiding as that which is eternally you.

By Chad Foreman

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