Plan Overview | Lifestyle Health Plans

  • Fully insuredor fully funded health benefit program through our health carrier partnerships.
  • Up to $500 annual deductible credit and reward credit match available to all participating employees and their spouses.
  • Physician office visit co-pay option to provide cost effective access to health care providers when needed.
  • Annual physicals, well-woman exams, and preventative wellness visit benefits.
  • Annual Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and biometric testing to engage and empower members to take steps toward lifestyle health improvements.
  • Integrated, personalized wellness program to motivate and incentivize members toward sustainable lifestyle and health-related behavioral change.
  • Deductible credit and reimbursement program administered by Medova Healthcare as the program sponsor and third-party administrator.
  • National and regional PPO network access to leading healthcare provider partners.
  • National pharmacy benefit management program for generic, preferred brand, and other brand name prescriptions through a tiered co-pay system.
  • Opportunity for the sponsoring employer to receive money back at the end of each plan year based on group claims experience with the fully funded plan design option.

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