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 Human are born as rational as rational beings. They think before they believe things that are really impossible to put their faith in. There is something I heard at the radio a while ago. Human can become invisible, really invisible! It caught my ears and it made me listen to it as the disk jockey states the whole story. According to him, scientific hearsays do not exist and human invisibility really took place. The story goes like there a certain mad scientist that is so obsessed to make himself invisible. Until that very day that he discovered that he can’t really be seen by people around him. He can’t be seen from head to feet using some ” he himself did. Now, after reading the text, can you believe that it really happened? I know for some of you, it would be a big NO but for others, you might believe it. If this really happened, this is so irresistibly amazing! With our technology, would the word “impossible” still exist?

Our society has received a lot of the blessings that technology brings. For hundreds of years, it made lives better and easier. With regards to our medical field, from manual processes of treating patients, there is now a wide range of equipment scientifically made. Actually, the latest gift of out technology and the masters of invention is an equipment scientifically named as Microbot Motors. This is the latest equipment scientific that helps surgeons treat stroke! It is our genius Australian scientists and inventors who gave birth to this scientific breakthrough. The performance of this motor is said to show good performance and good results. They are looking forward on marketing this product. But as of the meantime, the efficacy and safety of the motor is still monitored, and they are looking forward to gain permission to use and test this on animals. Aside from that, robots now help in treating neurosurgery.  All of these equipment scientific invention leads to the betterment of our medical industry.

It is not only in our medical field that the performance and benefits of scientific laboratory equipments or scientific equipment products. We are in the shadow of scientific equipments. We have computers, cell phones and those scientific gadgets you have. We also have ” scientifically designed for our biology class, physics class and for professionals. Scientific inventions results to another invention. Who would think that the latest cell phone you’re holding will be the last? And who would want to expect that a day will come and scientist will announce that a scientific device or instrument can now heal cancer in an easier procedure? Now I’m asking to ask myself once more, will there still be something impossible with our technology and the next set of equipment scientifically invented?

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