All About Mexican Salsa, Natural And Gluten Free, Mexican Picante Sauce

Salsa is one of the world’s oldest condiments. Throughout most of recorded history, and even prehistory, people have been mixing up bowls full of the odds and ends and bits of various vegetables, spices, herbs and eating the result. We have learned how to mix up bowls of chopped and minced vegetables in ways that actually taste good. Today’s
Mexican picante sauces run the gamut from green tomatillo salsas all the way to mango salsas so sweet they could almost be desserts.

But the best of them all is a fire roasted salsa. Only the kiss of a flame can bring out every layer of flavor in peppers, tomatoes, onions and other succulent salsa ingredients. It caramelizes the sugars, wakes up dormant flavors and makes the whole mixture sing and dance on the tongue. The smoky note added by the flame ties everything together and, when done right, adds to the whole rather than dominating it. Of course, you can’t have good salsa picante without good ingredients. You want the finest vine-ripened tomatoes, the freshest, most attitude-laden peppers and onions with just the right bite. All these elements have to be present to lay a flavor base. Then comes the herbs and spices. Cilantro is the most common of these, but it can run away with the show if not carefully controlled by a skilled chef. Anyone who’s ever ordered a pork pastor taco from a taco truck and gotten a tortilla stuffed with cilantro used like shredded lettuce can testify to the necessity of a careful hand.The same rules apply for garlic, basil, onion, oregano or any other flavor note the salsa chef wants to introduce. It’s all about the balance.


Our penchant towards eating healthier foods and an increased awareness of nutritional issues has rendered a mostly pre-meal dip served with tortilla chips to the usage of
Mexican salsa picante with eggs, as a pizza sauce with a zing, a guilt-proof topping over baked potatoes and fries
Homemade Tex-Mex salsa

Now, you can make your own salsa, surely. It’s a great way to use up an over-abundance of fresh produce and play with flavors. You just might come up with something truly amazing! Or you can guarantee success with the fire-roasted salsa from It’s A Texas Squeeze. This gluten-free, salt-free concoction packs just the right punch without a pinch of preservatives or artificial flavors of any kind! One taste of this and you’ll be an instant convert. It’s the best thing that ever happened to everything from omelets to grilled foods and even casseroles.


As if the salsa wasn’t good enough, it’s also the most portable picante around! It comes in a convenient, durable, totally recyclable plastic bottle that won’t break even if your party guests get a little too enthusiastic and decide to play some mariachi music on the picnic table with it. And they will get enthusiastic once they taste it. Remember what we said about the perfect balance of flavors, about the smoky note adding to the whole rather than taking it over? One taste of It’s A Texas Squeeze and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

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