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Does Hair Laser Therapy Work?

There are a number of studies out proving that Hair laser Therapy works to increase the efficacy of Minoxidil and if just used alone may not be so effective. So the answer is to combine the two treatments for best results.

Laser Hair Growth Therapy works if used in conjunction with Minoxidil and this has been proven. The most effective wavelength is 650nm 5 mw lasers. You should use a Laser with at least 50 lasers to cover the entire affected area take a look at our “

So in answer to the question does Laser Therapy work well…not just using a laser alone will prevent hair loss it will however, Thicken and Strengthen Hair in addition to making your hair healthier.

So its best used together with Minoxidil then you will see hair regrowth and prevent future Hair Loss.

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