Robert Short Story

When I started gaining weight about

four years ago at age 46, I  just figured that the aging process had finally caught

up with me.  I tried cutting back on calories during the day, but that only resulted

in my overeating at night, causing further weight gains. In no time at all, my weight

climbed up to 224 pounds, and my pants ballooned to size 44.

One day, I got some information in

the mail about a new weight-management program.  I was especially skeptical about the

products because as a paraplegic, I couldn’t combine exercise with a sensible eating plan

to help me drop pounds.  After considering my only other option of being

substantially overweight for the rest of my life I decided to at least give the program

a try.  I didn’t think the products would work because I was still eating what I

enjoyed, but my clothes just kept getting bigger.

Today, I weigh 163 pounds,

and wear size 36 pants. I am 50 years old but I certainly donВ’t feel like it.

These products are great!

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