Free Rolls into the Big One – WSOP

Alright kids, get a grip on this, think about it, and lest you think too long, jump on the bandwagon, and play – play – play. Because I am a depositing player at “, I’m registered in a July 10th event for a free roll into the big event at the WSOP. It doesn’t take a lot of cash or time to get there. Because I’m a Blogger, I’m registered in the ” Blogger Tournament (WBOCCP), all you have to have is a blog, etc., etc., etc. Check out all the details on the site – and you don’t have much time to register but you too can play for a seat in the WSOP and other prizes. Because I’ve deposited and played at “, I am eligible to play in a free roll tournament for the WSOP Big Event – free roll takes place on June 25th. Sweet! There are all kinds of promos and super deals at PokerWorks. If you’re missing them, you are sleeping through the biggest poker opportunities in history! “

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