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The Way of Meditation is a website created by Australian meditation teacher Chad Foreman to offer the highest quality of meditation training and resources derived from the most power esoteric practices of the East.

Chad has been teaching meditation classes since 2004, and has maintained his own daily meditation for over fifteen years. Chad is an ex professional tennis player and tennis coach and due to his interest in the power of the mind become involved in Buddhist meditation. He trained fulltime for six years studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism in a retreat hut in a monastery in the jungles of Queensland and was eventually ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2003.

Chad as a Buddhist monk in 2003

From the deep insight in meditation retreats and the knowledge from studying Tibetan Buddhism with a world renowned Buddhist scholar, Chad now unleashes the power of meditation derived from the ancient meditation teachings of Buddhism. Using his skills as a trainer and his extensive knowledge of Buddhist philosophy he has developed a world class system of meditation training for the modern person; Mindfulness to Mysticism.

Chad has now left the monastery and is bringing the power of the East to the West in simple to understand instructions and guidance offering people the chance to calm their minds and achieve peace, freedom and joy through the practice of meditation.

Meditation has been practised for over five thousand years and has been used by practitioners to achieve states of peace and enlightenment and now in modern times scientists are also uncovering the huge benefits of meditation in overcoming stress and mental health issues, healing disease and achieving deep states of peace and bliss. Meditation has emerged as the ideal tool for the rushed and stressed conditions of modern living.

Chad is quickly becoming a leading authority in the field of meditation and has the largest meditation page on Facebook with over 1.5 million fans and growing. It seems the West is hungry for the wisdom, peace and insight meditation can bring. Appearing regularly in interviews and forums about meditation Chad now offers a monthly full moon guided meditation where thousands of people gather simultaneously from around the globe to meditate on peace, love and unity in a collective ritual that transcends all borders.

Chad runs weekly group classes, private lessons,workshops and retreats on Meditation in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas and values bringing the highest quality on-line resources to people’s homes. Chad regularly blogs about tips and inspiring articles to keep people enthusiastic about the Way of Meditation and support everyone in their daily practice.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia,

Everything you need to start your own meditation practice at home is on this website. You can download Chad’s guided meditations, getyour meditation cushion or stool or get a free e-book manual on How to Meditate from Chad’s workshops.

 Chad is also the creator of the Facebook page Meditation Masters where you can join more than a million meditators in a global community and receive daily quotes to help guide and inspire the way of meditation.

The peace and contentment found from discovering ever present expansive awareness  is a refuge for all people equally available to every person on the planet, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds.

After a certain level of basic material security, the need for meditation is universal; peace, freedom and our well-being primarily depend on discovering and developing our inner resources.

 The Meditation Views and Techniques outlined on these pages are not new but are presented as a contemporary and easy to understand system of meditation training that does not require religious belief.

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