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Most website owners complain about getting there business of the ground. Instead of complaining they fail to realize the main factor. Taking action, taking action is the reason why most successful website owners become successful at what they do. They find there market and consistently advertise to there customers. In order to survive in an online business, you need to understand that without targeted advertising and search engine placement you will find yourself in “NO MANS LAND”.

Keeping yourself focused will keep you on track for what you plan to achieve. These days unless you don’t have an OK ranking on the search engines, then you are just wasting .com space. To keep you from not getting noticed you need to make plans and see how you will get a good ranking on the search engine. A top listing in the search engine is almost automatic success if you have the right product to promote. Not only will you make sales but you will keep the steady flow of website traffic ounce you get in the rankings.

There are many ways to get listed on google for a brand new site. The most important 2 that I can think of are article submissions and forum posting. Writing articles and submitting them to free article directories, with the link to your website, will tell the search engines that your website is getting noticed by other websites. When this happens the search engines will send out what they call “spiders” and crawl your website.

When this is finished they will get your website listed. This does not mean that you will land on page 1 of google because they crawled your website, it just means that you are a new kid on the block and people just went to see you for the first time. It is your job to make yourself popular. The other method is forum posting. Find a forum related to your website and add your link to the signature file. Make sure that when you search for one it is on page 1 of google. This means that it is ranked very high and will get noticed quick by the search engines.

Once you get noticed it is your job to increase your ranking. You can increase your raking by linking to relevant sites, submitting articles, forum posting, blog posting, classified add submitting and the list goes on. Once you have a steady rootien of the above methods, your search engine placement will increase and get to where you want it to be. It takes time to get a high search engine placement but the work will all pay off.

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