Drama, Drama & More Drama!

Let’s face it.  Drama happens.  We want to live a relaxed, consistent, peaceful life and then it happens…drama!  Fact is, drama is inevitable.  Somehow, some way, it always finds it way back into our lives.  I don’t really know how or why this works, but here’s some food for thought…

  • Without drama, we wouldn’t appreciate the more quiet times in out lives.
  • Without drama, we wouldn’t be tested to grow as people.  It pushes our limits, forcing us to deal with drama or lose ourselves in the chaos.
  • Drama isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Any interruption in our lives comes for a reason yet to be known to us.  It is no mistake the people who come into our lives at certain times and the drama or trials we work our way through.
  • Sometimes the drama around us is a call to action.  It can remind us where we stand as people and how we choose to live our lives.
  • Just because someone is having a dramatic event in his/her life, doesn’t mean we have to respond in the same way.  Usually the people getting lost in the drama of their lives are coping in the best way they know how.  Our response can help them learn how to cope more effectively.
  • We need to remember that some people like having drama in their lives.  And with that, we can take it or leave it!  We can choose to let them live their lives while not living in drama and chaos in our own.  That is probably the most difficult.  Allowing others to live their lives how they want to.  Even when we can see more clearly how better off some might be if they would/could make better decisions.
  • Drama can bring friends and families closer together when we reach out to help one another.

In the end, it’s all about helping each other.  And this crazy thing we call life!!

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