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Oncology Pharmacy Practice / Chemotherapy Production

Another of the special services provided by The Wesley Pharmacy is in the area of oncology pharmacy practice. We are heavily involved in the preparation of chemotherapy (cytotoxic) drugs. These drugs are prepared to doctor’s orders in a cytotoxic drug safety cabinet within our newly refurbished and expanded, state of the art clean room facility.

The Wesley Pharmacy is proud to be Australia’s first and only fully Australian owned TGA approved cytotoxic compounding facility.

The Wesley Pharmacy pioneered the provision of oncology pharmacy services in the Queensland private sector. We are the leading private sector pharmacy in Queensland providing drug dose preparation services. Our main four oncology pharmacists have over 50 years of combined experience in oncology pharmacy practice.

We currently handle the chemotherapy requirements for major hospitals around Australia and are committed to serving the healthcare sector as the only Australian owned supplier of GMP quality chemotherapy medications.

Are we the safest?

The handling and administration of cytotoxic drugs requires special attention due to their potentially hazardous nature.  Our very experienced pharmacists and scientists have developed specialised techniques to prevent contamination of both the personnel handling these drugs and the environment.

The Wesley Pharmacy has developed procedures and processes over the past 20 years with the aim of error minimisation and improving patient safety in mind.


Our patient focused approach drives us to ensure that we continue to improve.

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