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Monday, 22 January 2007 A wireless data logger can be used to measure various things such as temperature, electrical currents, humidity, light, speed, air quality and even acidity.  Wireless data loggers can also be used over different distances and locations.  A wireless data logger is an indispensable measurement tool because it is extremely versatile and practical.  Many wireless data loggers have USB ports which could be connected to your PC or laptop.  This allows you to upload the readings from your data logger into various applications on your computer.

You could then analyze these reading or export them into other computer software applications.  A wireless data logger is particularly useful for obtaining measurement reading in inaccessible locations.  This is because they are compact and hence, very portable/discrete.  They also have powerful sensors which can measure volatile variables such as carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, wireless data loggers come with their own storage mechanism.  Their storage mechanism will have a storage capacity of no less than 1 megabyte and no more than 6 megabytes.  One of the good things about wireless data loggers is that you do not have to connect them to the electricity mains.  Thus, they can be used even when you are on the move.  It is also worth mentioning that wireless data loggers are also inexpensive and easy to use.  There is no doubt that a wireless data logger certainly serves as a convenient and cost effective way of measuring variables over a long period of time within a variety locations and settings.

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