Margaux – biography

Margaux Dubois was born of French/Greek ancestry
in Cologne Germany, into a musical and acting family, her grandmother
being a classical violinist and her aunt an actress who also sang and
At the age of 5, Margaux was bought a guitar by her mother, who unexpectedly
died two years later. As a result Margaux wrote her first song shortly
afterwards which in later years became “Oceans Apart”.

At the age of 11, she obtained her first radio interview on Germany’s
national station
WDR3, following her school essay about “a dream coming true”.
She spoke for an hour about her love of music and determination of becoming
a major recording artist.

At 14 the family moved to Southern France, where she developed her guitar
playing and performance, influenced by artists such as Chrissie Hynde,
ZZ Top, Michael Jackson and Madonna.
She later went to Preston Lancashire England on a language exchange program,
obtained blues tuition from Guitarist Kevin Slater and carried out several
gigs in the area.

Following the family tradition Margaux enrolled at the Conservatoire
de Musique et d’Art Dramatique of Montpellier (Southern France) to learn
classical double bass and drama, later moving to Paris for tuition with
double bass soloist Sylvain Wiener of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris.
During this period besides studying music and working for a Luthier she
played with numerous classical Orchestras and Jazz bands.

After completing her classical music studies she returned to performing
live shows as a singer, fronting her Rock band and touring France, during
which time she played at various major events such as the Festival de
Bourges and launch of the French pay to view TV channel, Canal+ subsidiary.

Recordings were undertaken with Trip-hop French band Ollano (Rosebud/Polygram),
releases of which were regularly played and reviewed within the British
Music Press.

In order to further her musical and songwriting skills, Margaux moved
to London.
Recently, she has been collating her English Pop-rock repertoire and recording
several original tracks (including ‘Dance With You’), which she has co-produced
with Paul Page. These are penned for release on an album in the very near
Margaux has been actively playing the London gig circuit and hopes to
be arranging forthcoming shows in the USA.

*Margaux is the French spelling
of the English name Margot – which itself can be shortened to Margo –
hence Margaux is sometimes referred to as Margot Dubois, Margo Dubois,
Margaux Dubois, Margot Du Bois, Margo Du Bois or Margaux Du Bois!

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