1. Simple interface and
tend to use

The interface of DASO Mail
is clear at glance. Just knowing the three basic functions of e-mail receiving,
writing and sending you will be able to use this software.

2. Multi-mailbox for receiving
and sending emails simultaneously

Mail can make you configure multi-mailbox expediently. And you can select
one or more mailboxes while receiving and sending emails. It will relieve
the users who have both company and personal accounts from pressing the
button repeatedly.

Unique multi-thread for receiving and sending emails brings much more
convenience to you

collecting multi-mailbox, you will get benefit from the Multi-thread. If
one of your mailboxes is feature quite big and needs a few minutes to download,
DASO Mail will collect other mailboxes at once to exert the efficiency tiptop.

Convenient header listing function

Before receiving, you can see your
mailbox such as the number of the mail, the sender, the title and the size.
troublesome thing:
Listing function before downloading
you can delete a heap of primitive ads mails directly which will cost you
a lot of time to collect.
fearful thing:
The mailbox was blocked up by a
very big mail. Having head listing function before downloading, you can
collect back mails then decide how to deal with it. After using it by yourself,
you will find the head listing function also has other interesting functions.

5. Receiving
the same mail again and again at different computer

Sometimes you may use other computer to collect
and do not want to delete so as to collect it again at your own computer
to save it. DASO Mail provides the function expediently.

6. Powerful
search function

is necessary to backup some useful mails, but is difficult to search when
they are too many. The search function can make you find the mail expediently.

7. Receiving
and sending emails automatically

After a period of time, it can help you to
examine the emails. Accounting to the users who have special telephone line,
having the function they should know if new mails arrive in time.

8. Encryption function

is easy to use the encryption function of DASO Mail. The function can protect
some important emails from being seen by others. Especially the account
is used by many people, you do certainly not want to be seen by others when
communication with family.

Powerful address listing function

for common address listing function, it also supports group address listing
function. And it will remind you to celebrate on someone’s birthday.

Powerful conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Mail solves the communication trouble of Simplified and Traditional Chinese
system. It is no need to worry about which Chinese system they used. You
will see the code in disorder if you receive an email from Taiwan when you
use Simplified Chinese system. Never mind, press the conversion button it
will show at once. If both sides use DASO Mail, the system can solve the
Simplified and Traditional Chinese automatically. Many companies ask employees
to use English when they face this problem, but we are Chinese it would
be better to use Chinese. Not all Chinese know English well, it will cause
delay in work or business in case of expressing the wrong meaning. Under
the condition, DASO Mail is the best choice. It can also solve the different
file code caused by Simplified and Traditional Chinese Microsoft Office
software. Let us suppose, with DASO Mail, a book input by Simplified Chinese,
press the button then can make it publish in Taiwan and Hongkong. With DASO
Mail, Excel report forms which report to the manager every month, press
the button then can make the style head office wants. With DASO Mail, demo
the PowerPoint slides made in Taiwan does it again by Simplified Chinese,
press the button then you will have another.

Splendiferous word-stock conversion

would be not enough convenience for communion between the two sides of Taiwan
Strait just converting ISN. There are obstacles between the two sides of
Taiwan Strait both to some fixed words and especially to some professional
terms. Therefore, word conversion is needed. The word-stock of DASO Mail
can solve it professionally. The function of word-stock is powerful. Besides
basic word-stock provided by system, users can both edit their own word-stock
and special word-stock for special files such as medical word-stock, Buddhism
word-stock, etc.

12. Provide
conversion preview function

function is only providing for the conversion of text file or email preview.
Through conversion preview, you can see the content of the email after being
converted. It is obvious to see the rubric that shows different usage between
Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


pressing the collection button, it will startup the dial-up program automatically
and connect networks if your computer is not online. Therefore, it is very

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