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Ashton cigars are handcrafted at Tabacalera A, Fuente y Cia using only the most select, perfectly cured and aged Dominican-grown filler and binder tobaccos rolled in a flawless U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper. With their distinctively mellow character, perfect balance, savory complexity, and inviting aroma, no wonder Ashton has developed such a loyal following, and considered by many aficionados to be in a class all their own. If you want to develop an appreciation for fine cigars, Ashton is a certified “must-smoke!”

The Ashton Story

The “father” of Ashton Cigars is Robert Levin, a tobacconist from Philadelphia who developed the brand with the help of The Fuente Family. Debuting in 1985, the result was a mild cigar so well made, balanced, and rich in flavor, that Ashton cigars have become an international classic almost as sought-after as some of the finest Cuban cigars.

By the time the cigar boom hit in the mid-1990’s, Ashton already had a stellar reputation among aficionados. Even new cigar smokers who jumped on the boom wagon were requesting Ashton cigars from their tobacconists.

The Ashton Classic line offers the largest selection of sizes with a mild to medium-bodied character. The Ashton Cabinet Selection is a limited edition release blended with six 3-to-4-year-aged, prime Dominican tobaccos rolled in seamless Connecticut Shade leaves, then aged for an additional year.

No super-premium line of cigars would be complete without offering a Maduro selection. The Ashton Aged Maduro selection is blended with the highest-grade Dominican tobaccos rolled in Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers that have been slowly fermented to achieve a dark, even tone, shimmering patina, and naturally sweet taste.

In November 1999, the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (or VSG), was released. Due to its full-bodied flavor, striking complexity and extraordinary craftsmanship, the VSG emerged as the most successful of all Ashton cigars to-date. A “93” Cigar Insider rating – among the highest scores the publication had ever given a cigar made outside of Cuba – catapulted the VSG to “instant classic,” and one of the world’s most highly sought after cigars. Some allege that the VSG was the cigar that paved the way for the full-bodied cigar trend which began in 2000.

The follow-up to the VSG came in 2003 with the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, a stunning, full-bodied cigar rolled in a pristine African Cameroon wrapper. This blend was created in collaboration with the Fuente Family and the late Rick Meerapfel who passed away in November of 2003. Meerapfel was more of a “behind the scenes” figure who spent many years in Africa growing the finest Cameroon leaf. Due to the success of the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, some credit him as the man who re-popularized Cameroon wrapper.

Finally, in 2005, Ashton Cigars celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the release of the Ashton Estate Sun Grown (or ESG) cigar. Made in limited edition, Carlito Fuente used a proprietary blend rolled in a Dominican wrapper leaf grown on Fuente’s Chateau de la Fuente plantation. The line grew one year at a time as Ashton annually released a new size through 2010.

By definition, Ashton Cigars are “outstanding” in every respect. The company has created a cottage industry around a brand that will continue to accrue accolades for generations to come.

“Trust you taste”

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