Water people

Water People is one example of how Marketing Somatics can be applied to more deeply understand feeling states and in this instance, somatic identity.

The Water People typology was developed using the qualitative METAPHOR STORY© Insights Technique based on 20 one on one intensive workshops across Australia, Singapore (with ethnic Chinese) and Malasya (with ethnic Malays).

The types have been validated for Australia in a survey of 258 male and female respondents aged 16 to 50 which also identified a broader range of somatic states.

The states can come to characterize individuals and how they predominantly experience their sense of self.  While many individuals experience a predominant somatic experience – most individuals experience two or more of these states on a regular basis. Some states also have more relevance to some brands and product categories.

For marketers, these states can provide useful background emotions for other feelings that may be important to the brand such as brands trying to leverage a positioning strategy around wellbeing, authenticity, rejuvenation, etc. The Water People technique can be used to explore new twists on tired positionings.

Still Waters – Run Deep

The feeling of still waters is a deep dark pool…you can’t see the bottom. The water is cool and still but very deep.

This state is characterized by a lack of movement or direction. Also by indecision and a desire to escape. 

People in this state are seeking the triggers to access the flow – to get moving again – to reach their full potential. They feel something is missing in their lives.  They tend to sit quietly in the background not wanting to be the centre of attention. They draw a big distinction between their outer self and inner self although most of the outside world never gets to see that deep inner self.

They can come across as unfriendly or difficult but do shine when they are within their comfort zone.

Examples of how marketing somatics is being used in ads, packs and other marketing communications.

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