The photo cabana & insta-box

Brand Awareness and Marketing

If you have a brand you want to show off and share what could be better than letting the public spread the word for you?


People love to share their photos via Facebook, Twitter and email so why not let your guests share your brand at the same time? With our social features we can make this happen!


We can bring our Photo Cabana Insta-Booth and or Photo Booth, let your guests share their pictures in real time. Of course the pictures they will be sharing will be branded with your company logo!


If you don’t want to have printing onsite Photo Cabana Insta-Booth is ideal as a marketing tool on your exhibition stand or event. This was designed for that very reason, again your guests get to share their photos with your branding to their friends!

Want to capture data? Not a problem we can set up The Photo Cabana Insta-Booth or Photo Booth  to pop up a short survey before they get to share their pictures. This data is then provided to you as a CSV file for your own marketing.


Branding is Key! As well as branding the prints with your logo we can also brand The Photo Cabana Insta-Booth kiosks on the exteriors!


For more information on how we can help get your brand across contact us today!


Let your guests share their phone pictures and be sociable…


Using the power of Twitter and Instagram’s #hashtag we can display and print your guest’s own pictures as they post them online from their phone using a unique hashtag for your event.


We can also include your own logo on the prints and even have slides from your own pictures  displayed on the slideshow, making it great for marketing and brand awareness or even just at a private event.


A wifi connection at the venue needs to be available for this service.

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