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This book helps!

Reviewed by Jean Lynch, 2009-12-20

This is pretty much what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been trying to
find a book to help me deal with my future mother in law who is a
narcissist. I wanted something easy to ready, something to have my
fiance read to try to see some of the things she does that he
doesn’t even seem to notice, and something that – while it doesn’t
really explain WHY they are like that – helps me understand that I
am not the crazy one in the relationship! This book did all of
that. What I was also looking for was more ways HOW to deal with
them, and while this book skimmed on that in parts – and stressed
that you need to set boundaries and stick to them – it didn’t go as
in depth as I would have liked in that area. Also, for my situation
only the first 4 or 5 chapters applied – so I just skimmed over the
rest of the book. But, overall I found the book extremely helpful –
and it was very well written!

Very Complete

Reviewed by Richard Mertes, 2009-11-22

I browsed through a few books on the subject, and my only concern
about this one was around its relative brevity–I wasn’t sure if it
could do justice to the subject at such a modest length (compared
to other volumes addressing the topic). My worries were thoroughly
unjustified. This book is packed with useful information, yet
remains very readable–at times even quite poetic. Due to its
accessibility and comprehensive nature, I would wholeheartedly
recommend this book to anyone interested in this subject. It was
tremendously helpful to me. I feel very grateful to the author for
masterfully assembling such a great deal of information in an
initially inviting and consistently engaging manner. I have a
couple of friends who have also found this book to be an invaluable
tool in understanding certain facets of their lives. I suspect that
other readers would respond similarly.

Outstanding book

Reviewed by Sue, 2009-09-10

I usually read self-help books with much skimming and eye-rolling,
but this author offers powerful analysis of the personalities and
strategies for negotiating them. This book is useful in general for
understanding the unconscious politics of relationships whether or
not one recognizes a narcissist in it. It’s hands-down the best
self-help book I’ve read (OK, still reading.)

A remarkably intelligent analysis

Reviewed by R. Bliszcz, 2009-08-26

This book does a wonderful job of clearly laying out the dynamic
invovled in narcissistic relationships. It becomes clear how the
narcissist draws others into a codependent dance, and why people
who grew up with narcissistic caregivers have such a difficult time
seeing the dyanmic and ultimately extracting themselves from it.
It’s a powerful book for anyone who lives or works with
narcissistic personalities.

This IS my life…it put all the pieces together

Reviewed by SARARV, 2009-08-26

As I read this book I saw my parents personality so clearly. I
recommend it to anyone who might be affected by a narcissist and
wants to stop feeling abused by it. I learned that boundaries are
good even if the narcissist never gets it. I feel like the weight
of the narcissists has left my shoulders!

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