Is going to the cold outside make you catch flu?



Is going to the cold outside make you catch flu?

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For many of us cold weather means an outbreak of flu, our mom’s were telling us to take our umbrella, cap, mittens and waterproof boots. All that to keep us warm and not to catch a cold. Every mother is a treasure and should be treated like one. As mothers, we try doing all we can to keep people we take care of safe from illness. Sometimes it’s hard to keep someone healthy. My mother-in-law thinks that chilly wind does not have anything to do with health. I can’t really agree with her. I suppose she got that idea from her experience, her son grew big and strong. She used to buy him new jackets every fall, he took them to school and put in the locker and did not wear it at all. He would take it out in the summer just to take it back home.
Looking at me now, I’m leaning back, blowing my nose, coughing and almost certain that my brain already turned into some kind of pulp. My husband is a wonder, he does not wear jackets just as when he was a kid, he is overweight, does not eat vegetables unless it’s cooked in some really tasty way. He takes vitamins only when I put them in his hand, and how does he end? Perfectly healthy! He did not even have flu for more than a year.
Some time ago, I found some interesting things in a study I read. It mentioned that a decrease in body temperature is connected to being vulnerable to viral infections such as cold and influenza. I must say, I agree with the things I read there. Every time I got cold, be it due to rain, cold wind or got chilled in any other way, I became sick instantly. In nursing school I was taught that the normal body temperature is 98.6, while I have only 97 most of the time.
I understand that we are vulnerable to infections especially in the winter months. It may be caused by us, we heat our rooms and they become the perfect incubators for viruses and bacteria. Another cause may be the immune system. Having a rheumatoid disease, means that we get and take medications that suppress the immune system. Of course, it’s not just to make us prone to infections. For many of us, the immune system turned against us, it causes our own cells to work against our body. The cells can break, so all the stuff inside the cells goes to many places in our bodies. When it goes to joints, it causes arthritis, if to an organ, it can cause other health problems. Either way we lose, we can suffer from our own immune system or from the infections.
I tried many things to keep myself warm through the winter. Every time I wake up, I put on many layers of clothes. When going out for shopping, wool socks, gloves, jackets, hats and waterproof boots. I even have my side of the bed electrically warmed. But somehow it all does not help, I’m here sick.
You may think that a little bit of cold didn’t hurt anyone, but I really get in pain when it’s cold. You might not have felt this way, but I get a feeling that my bones get frozen and ready to snap when I get out into the cold. It really is frustrating, I keep telling myself that spring will arrive soon. Why? It’s simple, I was a pot of daffodils in the market. It has to mean that it will come soon enough, right?

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