How to Ease the Discomfort of a Serious Illness


Being diagnosed with a serious illness and undergoing treatment for conditions can take a lot out of a person. Even if the treatment puts a person on the road to recovery, it can still be exhausting and unpleasant while the treatments are in session. If you are battling kidney cancer or have been diagnosed with sarcoma, there are ways you can ease the discomfort of your necessary treatments. The trick is to create a balance between focusing on healing and treatment and other meaningful things in your life. While your health is important, thinking about it around the clock can create more stress than necessary. Understand that many of the treatments you may undergo may be unpleasant, but will be necessary. Prepare yourself for dealing with the ugly side of your disease or illness by adding some pleasant additions to your life.

First, focus on the basics. Make sure you get plenty of rest when you are battling an illness. It may be tempting to stay up all night thinking about how you can fix things or you may have a difficult time sleeping if you are worrying about the future. It is also likely your loved ones will have a tough time sleeping during the experience. Realize how important rest is for your body and how much healing is done when your body is at rest. If you are having trouble sleeping, speak with your doctor about natural ways to induce relaxation and sleep.

Your diet will be even more important if your body is battling an illness. Remember that food is fuel and you will need to feed your body the right foods to keep it in fighting condition. Some believe certain foods do battle against certain diseases, so as long as the foods are healthy, consider adding them to your diet. If you have been told your condition is weight-related, it may be tempting to crash diet in hopes of fixing the problem. However, the better solution is to swap out unhealthy foods for healthy ones. Consider speaking to a nutritionist about building an eating plan that supports your healing.

One of the most important components of getting healthy and working through unpleasant treatment is to have the support of family and friends. Surround yourself with positive people who are giving and understanding. If there are people in your life who drag you down, now is the time to deal with the problem. The last thing you need is selfish, unhealthy people taking up your time and affecting your health.

Finally, consider how complementary therapies can help ease the unpleasantness of necessary treatments. Using essential oils and herbs can sometimes lessen the nausea that comes with certain treatments or they may just boost your mood during a stressful time. Massage is another great way to reduce the painful effects of some diseases and their treatments. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any complementary or alternative therapies you include in your treatment plan, but chances are, your doctor will encourage anything that is safe and induces comfort.

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