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Face Treatmens

Face & Neck Lift:
Nobody likes wrinkles and fine lines on the face. To get rid of these unwanted ageing signs, you can seek the help from the face & neck lift surgery. There are some of the options as well, like an endoscopic facelift, classical facelift, fluid facelift, etc.

This surgery allows you to get the position of your eyebrows elevated by altering some of the tissues present in the forehead. And, it can also treat the crumpled skin above the nose and in the eyebrows.

Botox & Fillers:
It is a non-surgical way to treat the ageing signs present on the face. The Botox can help in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles while the Fillers help in rejuvenating your skin.

This is helpful in enhancing the shape of your eyebrows. With this surgery, you can get your eyebrows permanently shaped, make your light brows thicker with the hair transplant, and get a new shape of your eyebrows.

This surgery treats your droopy and baggy eyelids and removes the baggy bulge present under the eyes. You can also get an extra layer of artificial eyelashes with this surgery to intensify the look.

With the help of this surgery, you can alter the structure of your nose, rehabilitate the functions, rectify the nasal damage, and get it contoured precisely so you wouldn’t have to face respiratory problems.

This process allows you to have an elevated cheekbone by extracting the Buccal fat and the mid cheek from your face. You get two options to upraise your cheeks, either the cheek implant surgery or the fillers. The choice is yours.

For the lip augmentation, reduction, and the lifting purposes, you can opt for a Lips surgery. This surgery will help you in attaining the perfect shape of your lips.

The extra fat on your face obviously does not look good. The Liposuction procedure for the chin surgery extracts the excessive fat from your chin and allows you to get rid of the double chin. And, the Mesotherapy procedure melts the fat and the cellulite from your chin area.

Facial Bone Alteration:
This surgery involves cheek augmentation and reduction process and allows you to flaunt the explicit shape of your facial bone.

Dimple Creation:
Now, you can turn your dreams of having beautiful dimpled smile into the reality. The Dimple Creation surgery can help you in creating the dimples on your cheeks.

Face Thinning:
If you think that your face has a lot of fat, which is not going away with dieting and exercising, then go for the face thinning surgery. It removes the Buccal fat from your face and helps you in gaining slender and perfect outline of the face.

Permanent Makeup:
This procedure involves framing your eyebrows permanently, giving you the permanent pink colour of the lips, and creating or removing the mole from your face or any other body part.
Male & Female Hair Transplant & Treatments

Hair Transplant:
The hair transplant technique is for those people who are going bald for some specific reasons. It involves transplanting the hair from the back of your area to your bald area.

Mesotherapy is a procedure for providing adequate vitamins and nutrients to your hair and rejuvenates the hair growth.

PRP therapy:
This is a non-surgical treatment that is used to treat all the problems related to the hair.
Female & Male Breast Treatments

Breast Enlargement:
To increase the size and to change the shape of the breast, you can go for the breast enlargement surgery. It reshapes the breasts and gives them a perfect contour.

Breast Lift:
This surgery helps in elevating the drooping breasts. You can get the size and the outline corrected. Moreover, it reduces the extra fat and tightens the tissues of the breasts.

Breast Reduction:
It reduces the volume of the breasts and reduces the size of the overly large breasts and gives it a perfect size.

Breast Reconstruction:
This is for all those women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and had to get one breast removed. This surgery can allow you to get artificial breast reconstructed.

Male Chest Reshaping:
The procedure of this surgery involves the removal of the fatty tissues from the belly of the male and providing the perfect contour to the chest.

Male Chest Reduction:
40-50% men are suffering from Gynecomastia that triggers the abnormal growth of the size of the tissues that can be the cause behind the enlarged breasts. The male chest reduction surgery reduces the size of the chest.

Tummy Tuck
This procedure removes the excessive fat from the abdomen region and offers you a lean and tucked tummy.
Body Treatments

Six Packs Abs:
If you are unable to gain six pack abs with regular exercising, then this surgery can fulfill your that dream.

Hour Glass Shape:
You can attain the shape similar to that of an hour-glass with this surgery. In this procedure, your excessive fat gets removed, the waistline gets reshaped, hips get contoured, and the abdominal wall gets a whole new look.

Brazilian Butt Lift:
To reshape your buttocks in a more precise form, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is specially designed for that purpose.

Thigh Gap:
This surgery is available to remove the fat from your thighs and increase the gap. It will help make your legs look slimmer.

Full Body Lift:
In this procedure, you can go for the arm and thigh lift. The fat from your arms and thighs is removed and the shape gets contoured and the tissues get tightened.

Vaginal Rejuvenation:
This is one of the best procedures for the vaginal rejuvenating purpose. It tightens the inner & outer muscles of the vagina and contours the overall structure.

Hand & Feet Rejuvenation:
To remove the ageing signs from your hands and feet, you can opt for this surgery.

Meso & PRP Body:
This procedure uses the growth factors that are present in your platelets to reduce the effects of the ageing from your body.
Skin Treatments

Chemical Peel:
This treatment is used for creating new skin cells, treating the scars of the acnes and the dark patches formed on the skin.

Silk Peel:
It is another procedure for correcting the skin tone, treating the damaged skin, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and other skin related problems.

Hydra Facial:
It is helpful in improving the skin entirely. This treatment offers you smooth, rejuvenated, and bright skin.

Pelleve Skin Tightening:
This treatment is for correcting all the skin relevant problems that are present in your entire body. Whether you want to get the wrinkles from your face treated or want to tighten the skin of the body, you can go for this procedure.

IPL Photo Facials:
This is a laser treatment for correcting the abnormalities of your skin easily and efficiently.

Tattoo Removal:
The easiest way of getting the tattoo removed from your body is by undergoing the tattoo removal procedure. You can get the tattoo removed either partially or fully.

Laser Skin Toning:
This laser skin toning technique is one of the most effective techniques for bringing your skin tone to a more natural color.

Laser Hair Reduction:
Now, you can easily get the unwanted hair removed from your body with this technique. It involves removing hair from the armpits, legs, hands, and face.

Full Body Polishing:
This is a Laser Resurfacing Technique that offers you a revitalized skin. This technique is helpful in extracting the dead skin layers from your entire body. You can use this technique either for your face only or for the entire body, the choice is yours.

Mommy Makeover:
This makeover is for those ladies who have experienced pregnancy. This procedure involves the treatment for breasts, legs, arms, and the tummy.

Men Makeover:
This procedure involves chest reshaping, beard shaping, six pack abs, laser hair reduction, jawline contours, nose restructuring, and eye bag removal.

Gender Reassignment
This surgery includes the transformation of a man to a woman and vice versa.

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