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Prostate Symptoms and Treatment Tips


The prostate is a glandular organ present only in males. It surrounds the neck of bladder & the first part of urethra and condributes a secretion to the semen. The gland is conical in shape and measures 3 cm in vertical diameter and 4 cm in transverse diameter.It has got five lobes anterior,posterior,two lateral and a median lobe. Since the first part of the urethra pass through it any lesion in the prostate will produce difficulty in passing urine.

Some diseases of the prostate gland include the following:

1) Prostatitis:-

This is the inflamation of the prostate gland due to bacterial infection.

2) Benign enlargement of the prostate:-

This is a non cancerous tumour of the prostate seen after the age of 50. 3,Cancer of the prostate:-This is the 4th most common cause of death from malignant diseases in males.

Cancer of the prostate.

Cancer of the prostate is directly linked with the male sex hormones(androgens). If the levels of sex hormone increases the growth rate of cancer also increases. It is found that after the removel of testes there is marked reduction in the size of tumour.

Site of tumour:-

Prostate cancer is seen mainly in the posterior lobe. Non cancerous enlargement is seen in other lobes.

Changes in the gland in cancer:-

The gland becomes hard with irregular surface with loss of normal lobulation. Histologically prostate cancer is an adeno carcinoma(cancer of the epithelial cells in the gland)

Growth :-

Growth rate is very fast in prostate cancer. The tumour compresses the urethra and produce difficulty in urination.

Spread of tumour:-

Metastasis in cancer of prostate is very early.

1) Local spread:-

From the posterior lobe the cancer cells go to the lateral lobes and seminal vesicles. Tumour cells also move to the neck and base of the urinary bladder.

2) Lymphatic spread:-

Through the lymph vessels cancer cells reach the internal and external illiac group of lymph nodes. From there cells move to retroperitonial(Behind the peritonium) and mediastinal lymph nodes(in the chest)

3) Spread through the blood:-

Spread of cancer cells takeplace through the periprostatic venous plexus and reaches the vertebral veins while coughing and sneezing and finally enders the vertebral bodies of the lumbar vertebrae.

Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer:–

Signs and symptoms depend upon the stage of the cancer. The following symptoms may be seen.

1) No symptoms:-

Tumour is small and only in the posterior lobe. This is diagnosed accidentely.

2) Slight difficulty in urination:-

Here the tumour is enlarged and urethra is slightly compressed. Shortly there will be frequent urge for urination with difficult urination.

3) When the tumour spread to all nearby areas including neck of bladder and urethra there will be painful urination with bleeding.Urine comes drop by drop.

4) Retention of urine:-

When the urethra is completely compressed there will be retention of urine. This can lead to hydronephrosis, renal failure ect.In this condition patient may get convulsions due to renal failure and finally coma.

5) Signs of metastasis:-

Some patients come with the signs and symptoms of metastasis.

a) Lumbo sacral pain due to spread of cancer cells to lumbar and sacral vertebrae.

b) Fracture of spine due to cancerous growth in the spine.

c) Swelling, pain and fluid collection in the abdomen due to lesion in the abdomen.

d) Respiratory complaints due to cancer of mediastinal lymphnodes and lungs.

e) General weakness due to spread of cancer to different parts of the body.

f) Anaemia due to involment of bone marrow and increased destruction of RBCs.

Clinical examination :-

Includes per rectal examination to feel the prostate gland, palpation of abdomen to feel the swelling in kidneys and any tumours. Patient is examined from head to foot to find out any lesions.


1) Complete blood investigations;-

RBC,WBC,Platlets,ESR,bleeding time ,clotting time ect.

2) Urine analysis:-

Microscopic examination to detect pus cells,occult blood,casts,Crystals ect.

3) Renal function tests:-

Blood urea level,serum creatinine level,electrolyte level ect.

4) Serum acid phosphatase:-

Increased in cancer of prostate.

5) x-ray of the spine:-

To detect any tumour or fracture.

6) Ultra sonography;-

Gives idea about prostate,bladder,kidney ect.

7) C T scan:-

More detailed information about organs and tumour.

8) MRI of the spine:-

Gives detailed information about spine ,disc and nearby soft tissues.

9) Lymphangiography:-

Gives idea about lymphatic spread of cancer.

10) Biopsy to confirm cancer:-

Biopsy is taken from the tumour and is send for histopathological examination under the microscope. This will detect the presence of cancer cells.


1) If there is retention of urine catheterisation is needed.
2) Dialysis if kidney failure.
3) If there is coma monitoring of all vital functions along with parentral nutrition and electolyte supply.
4) Specific treatment is prostatectomy(removal of prostate)

Partial prostatectomy :-

Here only the affected lobe is removed.

Radical prostatectomy :-

Total removal of prostate along with nearby lymphnodes.

5, Hormone therapy :-

Stilbestrol is given to reduce tumour growth.Since this treatement increases the chance for cardiovascular disease phosphorylated diethyle stilbesterol is used nowadays.

6) Chemotherapy:-Drugs like cyclophosphamide, cisoplatim ect are given.

7) Radiotherapy is also done for some cases.

8) Homoeopathy:-

Homoeopathic drugs like carcinocin, conium, sabal, crotalus, thuja, iodum, selinium, staphysagria, sulphur ect can be given according to symptoms. Constitutional homoeopathic medicine will give great relief and can increase the life span.

Breast cancer is a Serial Killer or some doctors said it's a Slow Killer disease


Breast cancer is that type of cancer which is related to breast tissues or cells. According to cancer specialists the cancer is that type of disease which cells become irregular form more cells in an unrestrained manner. In medical terms the cancer is generally to be known as tumor. They may also attack nearby tissue and spread to lymph nodes and other parts of the body. According to specialists the most common types of breast cancer are:

Ductal carcinoma: Cancer that begins in the ducts and grows into surrounding tissues.

Lobular carcinoma: Cancer that begins in lobules and grows into surrounding tissues. The breast cancer specialists are generally to be known as oncologists. These cancer specialists are more find out reasons of cancer. These breast cancer specialists are always recommends that this type of cancer is also occur in both men and women. They also provide the causes of breast.

cancer such as: Birth control for taking extended time or periods is causes breast cancer. Some women can seem as though many women are actually having children at a much younger age and the results could actually be lethal. Many men and women ought to always be aware because this can also causes of breast cancer so that they do not run into any trouble themselves. Be sure to pass this around to the whole family so that everyone is aware of what they need to do to stay away from breast cancer.

The breast cancer specialists from south Delhi are recommends the signs of breast cancer like as following:

Lumps: This signs of thickening near the breast or the armpit. They have very small, pea sized and they are usually painless.

Change in breast size: The breast size will increase or decrease will vary from women to women. Some women experience an increase in their breast size and some others find their breast size decreasing.

Change in color and texture: Breast cancer may also cause a change in color and texture of the breast.

Changes in Bosom: The bosom may get pushed inward and there may be a dimpled look. There may also be irritation and slight pain along with redness of the bosom. Liberation of clear fluid or blood is also a common sign of breast cancer.

Cancer is a multifaceted and thorny disease which involves any organs of your body can affected by those diseases. Cancer specialists are generally to be known as Oncologists. South Delhi has well trained cancer specialists or oncologists which is diagnosing and proper treated cancer disorders. They explain to their patient’s about the cancer diagnosis.

These cancer specialists or oncologists recommend the best treatments substitutes and they helps the patient improve their quality of life through healing and care with indications and pain management. These south Delhi cancer specialists also provides a surgical chemical or radiological in nature. Hormonal control and antibody support treatments are also expanding. These cures are the fruits of medical researchers with input from oncologists in his treatments. They also perform or monitoring patient’s heart conditions.

Weight Reduction through Yoga


Being overweight has been a common concern for the people all over the world. Increase in the intake of junk food has been a major factor. Humans use food as a substitute to fill the void space in his or her heart at one point or another. Excess weight increases the risk of serious illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases which can be fatal. To keep you healthy and live longer, he or she needs to keep a check on their weight.

There are different ways by which a person can lose weight, and one of the best ways to do it is exercising yoga. Yoga is a useful activity which can help you lose weight, if you take it seriously and put your heart and soul into doing it. The ace that yoga carries is that it psychologically sets you up for weight loss, providing a solid foundation for your whole lifestyle. The deep breathing which forms an essential part of yoga exercise helps to improve one’s strength and concentration, both being vital ingredients of willpower.

Keeping your mind relaxed by meditating everyday gives a boost to your self esteem. People try to meditate, but fail most of the time because their mind tends to wander to the problems they are facing, thus failing to reach the point of true meditation. Yoga teaches you the perfect way to meditate. If you are constantly fatigued you will tend to gain weight at a much faster rate. Yoga improves the blood circulation and increases your energy level, driving away the lethargic effect. It even increases the speed of metabolism which strengthens you muscles and makes you more defined and stronger.

Yoga is an ancient Indian meditation art which is very effective to lose the extra flab from your body. It manages the weight of your body according to your height and lifestyle. The fat cells of the body are burnt by the extra intake of oxygen through deep breathing. Sometimes overeating is a result of anxiety which can be overcome through yoga exercise. There are yoga asana (positions) which help in the weight loss by increasing the hormonal secretion of lethargic thyroid glands.

What to Do:

– Yoga asana Postures like Bhujangasana, Veerasana, Paschimottanasana, Halasana and many others are particulars for weight loss. Following them regularly will definitely show results in weight loss.

– For thyroid patients who have abnormal weight gain, they are asked to exercise Sarvangasana and Matasyasana as they are good for checking the hormonal secretion of the thyroid glands.

– Surya Namaskar, which is the salutation of the sun, done along with the other yoga asana plays an important role in weight reduction.

– Practicing the different types of Pranayamas like Bhastrika and Kapalabhatti regularly better your muscle tone and help reduce weight too.

– Eating healthy food and fat free meals is also necessary.

– There are certain Kriyas to clean your body which also take part in the reduction of your weight. Shanka Prakshalana and Vaman Dhauti are the common Kriyas.

What is Lung Cancer and it's classification,stages, causes, symptoms, effects, prevention, diagnosis and treatment


Lung cancer is caused by uncontrolled rapid growth of cells in tissues. This type of cancer is most common and results in more than a million deaths every year. This form of cancer is indicated by weight loss or coughing up blood or regularly going out of breath . Lung cancer can be noticed on chest radio graph also called CT Scan. The treatment that one gets depends on the stage that one is in .Treatment of cancer include surgery ,chemotherapy and radiotherapy .


Lung cancers are classified after studying under them microscope .Classification is necessary as different type of cancer is treated differently. Large portion of lung cancer are carcinomas – malignancies that grow from epithelial cells.Lung-carcinomas are categorized into two types : non -small and small-cell lung carcinoma. Non-small cell lung carcinoma and small cell lung carcinoma account for 80.4% and 16.8% frequency of lung cancer, respectively .


The non -small cell lung carcinomas are grouped together as their prognosis and management are same up to some extent .They are further classified into three types : squamous cell lung carcinoma ,adenocarcinoma and large cell lung carcinoma . Squamous cell lung cancer originates near a central bronchus .They account for 25% of lung cancers . Adenocarcinoma starts in peripheral lung tissue . The cases of adenocarcinoma are a result of smoking .They accounts to 40% of non -small cell lung cancers.


This type of lung cancer is rare . It is sometimes referred to as “oat cell” carcinoma. Most of the times they originate from larger airways (primary and secondary bronchi ) and from there they grow at a rapid pace . This type of lung cancer if mostly associated with smoking.


These cancers are classified on the basis of site of origin like breast cancer but has spread to the lung . Majority of the lung cancers in children are secondary .


Lung cancer staging is used to asses the degree of spread of the cancer from its place of origin . It is an important factor that determines the potential treatment of lung cancer. The degree starts from 1A to 4 ,1A being best prognosis and 4 being worst .


Following are the symptoms of lung cancer : 1. Voice becoming hoarse . 2. Sudden loss of weight . 3. Feeling pain in chest region or abdomen . 4. Difficulty in swallowing . 5. Loss of appetite . 6. Running out of breath . Many of the symptoms of lung cancer mentioned above are non -specific .By the time they notice symptoms or signs , cancer has already spread from place of origin . Very few people with lung cancer have signs at time of diagnosis ,these cancers are noticed on routine chest radio graph .


The three main causes of cancer are : carcinogens (which is found in tobacco ) ,viral infection and ionizing radiation .If exposed , it causes changes to DNA in tissue lining the bronchi of the lungs . With more and more tissues getting damaged , cancer develops .


Smoking is the main cause of cancer . In one cigarette , there are 60 different known types of carcinogens like radioisotopes and nitrosamine . Smoking is believed to cause 80% of lung cancer cases . The risk is generally less in non -smokers. The time that a person smokes proportionately increases the chances of lung cancer . There has been cases that if a person stops smoking , the damaged cells gradually gets repaired . In non-smokers , passive smoking is the main causes of lung-cancer. Passive smoking is one inhaled from another person smoking .


The gas produced from breakdown of radium .This gas is colourless and odorless .Exposure to radiation ionize the genetic material , causing mutations that sometimes turn cancerous . Exposure to radon gas is the second major cause of lung-cancer after smoking .


Asbestos is responsible for causing a number of cancer ,one among them is lung cancer . In UK , asbestos accounts for 2 to 3% of the total cases of lung cancer.


Viruses are responsible for causing lung-cancer in animals .And research has shown of similar potential in humans.


Particulate matter has a direct link to lung cancer cases .The size and quantity of particles in air determines the risk of getting lung-cancer .If concentration of particles increases beyond 1% ,then the chances of getting lung cancer increases by 14%.


Just like may other cancer forms , lung cancer is started by activation of ocnogenes or inactivation of tumor suppressing genes .Ocnogenes are those genes that make people more vulnerable to cancer .Ocnogenes are produced from proto-ocnogenes ,when the latter is exposed to particular carcinogens.In k-ras proto-oncogene , mutations takes place which are responsible for 10 to 30% of lung adenocarcinomas . Tumor invasion ,angiogenesis ,apoptosis ,cell profileration are regulated by the Epidermal growth factor receptor .Mutations and amplification of EGFR are common in non -small cell lung cancer .The basis for treatment with EGFR-inhibitors are also provided by Mutation and amplification of EGFR .Chromosomal damage can lead to loss of heterozygosity which can result in inactivation of tumor suppressor genes . Damage to four of these chromosomes :3p ,5q ,13 q and 17 p are common in small cell lung-carcinoma .The p53 ,which is a tumor suppressor gene ,located on chromosome 17p is affected in most of the cases .c-MET ,NKX2-1 ,LKB1,PIK3A and BRAF are also mutated or amplified . Various genetic polymorphisms are supplementary to lung cancer .Some of them include polymorphisms in genes coding for interleukin-1 ,cytochrome p450 ,apoptosis promoters such as caspase-8 ,and XRCC1 ,which is DNA repair molecule . People having these polymorphisms are more likely to develop lung cancer on being exposed to carcinogens. The research has revealed that MDM2 309G allele is a low-penetrant risk factor for developing lung cancer is Asians.


If a person has reported symptoms that might suggest lung cancer ,then chest radio graph is performed in the first step .The test reveals the widening of mediastinium , atelectasis and pleural effusion .Even if there are no radio graphic findings but the hint of lung cancer if high because of things like the person being heavy smoker with blood-stained sputum then CT-Scan may provide the necessary data . If findings are unnatural in cells in sputum ,then they multiplies the risk of lung cancer. Early detection can be done by Sputum cytologic examination together with other screening examinations. The differential diagnosis for those patients who show irregularities on chest cardiograph consider lung cancer along with non malignant diseases. These consider infectious reasons like tuberculosis or pneumonia .The above mentioned diseases can lead to lung nodules .


Prevention ,just like always , is better than cure .Steps in this direction have been taken by may countries by identifying carcinogens and banning them but tobacco ,which is the major cause of lung cancer , is still common. Eliminating cigarette smoking is first hand target in the prevention of lung cancer . Steps to lessen Passive smoking have also being taken by banning smoking in public places and workplaces . New Zealand has restricted smoking in open places .A similar step is also taken by Chandigarh ,India . Bhutan has criminalized smoking since 2005 .


Screening is used to detect disease by doing medical tests when the patient is not showing any symptoms . Chest radio graph or computed tomography are the tests used for screening of lung cancer .But ,results have shown , that screening tests for lung cancer rarely has shown any benefit .


The treatment of lung cancer can be done in following ways , depending on the stage or degree of cancer:


If doctors have detected lung cancer , then CT scan and positron emission tomography are usually applied to check if the disease is placed and surgery can be done or it has moved to the point where performing surgery is not possible . Surgery can only be performed if spirometry reveals good respiratory reserve , but if it is poor , then surgery is not possible . Even surgery has a death operative rate of 4.4% but that is because of patient’s lung function and other factors .


Chemotherapy ,along with radiation ,is used to treat small cell lung carcinoma.Primary chemotherapy is also used in metastatic non -small cell lung carcinoma .


Radiotherapy , with chemotherapy ,is given when patient is not fit to under go surgery . This type of high intensity radiotherapy is called radical radiotherapy . CHART (continuos hyperfractioned accelerated radiotherapy ) is refined version of this technique in which a high dose of radiotherapy is given for a short period of time . When cancer affects a short section of bronchus , then brachytherapy is given.


Lung cancer is the most widely reported cancer .There are 1.35 million cases every year and 1.18 million deaths . Lung cancer develop among those who have a history of smoking over a long period of years i.e 50 years and above . In addition to smoking , passive smoking is also a factor that causes lung cancer .Even the emissions from factories , automobiles , power plants pose a threat to human health . Lung cancer is found to have a reciprocal effect with sunlight and UVB exposure .This is due to effect of Vitamin D , produced in skin during exposure to sunlight .

All about Cancer in the Bladder


The development of cancer in the bladder occurs when there’s an overgrowth of cells. In fact this generally happens around the lining. This can be observed both in males and females and is not restricted to a particular gender. Moreover, if you are already suffering from cervical/urethral cancer, then there’s a high likelihood of getting affected with bladder cancer as well. Of course the bladder is a place where urine gets stored which is later released out of our body, so one of the first symptoms one might notice can be found below:

Pelvic pain might be noticed during urination. One might also see traces of blood while passing out urine. You might also notice a strong desire to urinate, but only find yourself unsuccessful in your attempt. These are some of the first indications you need to take a test to find out whether it’s due to cancer or another issue.

There are three main types of cancer in the bladder:

– Transitional cell carcinoma is the most typical type as it affects most people. This is because the bladder’s inner lining is comprised of transitional cells, which of course as the name indicates can later their size to suit the bladder expansion.

– The second kind is the squamous cell cancer. This occurs when one observes a long infection in the bladder.

– And the third type is the most severe which affects every bladder tissue. So in effect it can swiftly spread to various body parts.

So in effect the treatment procedure is personalized according to a specific case. Some of the most widely used forms of treatment to deal with this condition are in fact radiation, immunotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy, although surgery is generally prevented.

Recent studies and research has shown that smoking may also lead to this type of cancer and not just the most associated lung cancer. So no wonder some research also has indicated that people who work in places which contain similar elements associated with cigar smoke can also lead to this cancer. So, people with jobs in rubber and leather industry, bus or truck drivers, mechanics and other such professions are at a bigger risk. Some reports also indicate that the usage of artificial sweeteners may also lead to the cancer in the bladder. One of the most recommended diets to reduce the chance of this cancer is taking fruits and fresh vegetables such as cauliflowers and carrots.

Prostate Cancer Signs And Key Vitamins


If a man is experiencing recognizable prostate cancer symptoms, normally the syndrome has grow beyond the prostate gland. The deadliest, since well since most common cancer concerning men, prostate cancer only has a cure speed of immediately 20 to 30 percent.

One in six men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime by the likelihood increasing as they period (two thirds of prostate cancers are diagnosed in men over the period of 65). Between the significant measures is a diet with sensible supplementation rich in clinically proven prostate plus anti-cancer nutrients.

In order to have a enhanced chance in fighting the infection, it is main to be interested of the symptoms associated by prostate cancer.

Though the precise causes of prostate cancer are not known, there are multiple risk factors that can add to the likelihood of contracting the disease. Genetics is believed to play a role because prostate cancer symptoms come to run in about families. Having an immediate family member (father or brother) with prostate cancer other than doubles a man’s risk of developing this disease. Diet with nutrition are the first factors to consider when looking at natural cures for prostate cancer.

Experiment studies on phytonutrients have plus shown success in preventing plus relieving enlarged prostate (BPH) with prostate cancer symptoms. In addition, an anti-cancer diet comprised of brown rice, fresh raw fruits and raw vegetables will not immediately announce fine health, it will permit your body the building blocks it needs to fight prostate cancer plus extra diseases.

Generally supplements designed for prostate health

To learn additional some all of these critical prostate nutrients please follow this join prostate cancer symptoms plus nutrients

Because an older male, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of fine prostate health as well as being able to recognize any with every possible prostate cancer symptoms.

Equally key for young men is to adopt preventative health-care measures early in life using eating responsibly, and investing in your long-term health with a class, science-based nutritional supplement containing a high amount of established anti-cancer nutrients.

Genetic Influences in Health Mysterious Disorders


Many factors cause human disease but the family history or genes from the parents is one of the strongest risk factors for common complex influences in health such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, psychiatric illness and much more. Genetics play a very important role and genetic mutations vary from person to person. One of the biggest causes for disorders in genetic mutation is MTHFR gene. A thorough genetic assessment and a detailed MTHFR gene treatment can tell us which chronic diseases are more likely to develop and also take the most appropriate and preventive treatment for MTHFR gene mutations.

Common health problems linked to MTHFR mutations:

· Miscarriages

MTHFR mutations leave women susceptible to miscarriages. A leading MTHFR gene mutation doctor says that many women experiences miscarriages without ever knowing why they occurred.

· Heart diseases

High blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes are commonly found in people who have MTHFR mutation. In order to avoid this, a proper MTHFR gene treatment should be taken to avoid risking your life.

· Diabetes

Excess carbohydrates and sugar intake eventually leads to diabetes and the person with MTHFR mutation experiences greater risk. If there is a family history, then you should check for MTHFR and if positive, you should take an appropriate treatment for MTHFR gene mutations.

· Anxiety and depression

Often people who have MTHFR mutations experience more anxiety and there may be possible causes for depression and stress. If you experience excess of anxiety or depression, consult a MTHFR gene mutation doctor who will prescribe you with proper MTHFR gene treatment.

· Cancer

MTHFR mutation is likely to be connected to cancer of many types including prostate and breast. MTHFR gene mutation doctor guide you specially designed MTHFR cancer treatment, which will be really helpful. Cancer is very dangerous, so without MTHFR cancer treatment, you may put your life in peril.

Treatment for MTHFR gene mutations also includes testing to determine which anti-depressant anti-anxiety and other psychotropic medication will cause the least side effects for the patient. MTHFR gene mutation doctor also does assessment of MTHFR gene which tells us how efficiently a person:

· Detoxifies chemical pollutants and hormones

· Produces energy

· Builds red and white blood cells

· Runs thyroid

· Repairs DNA

· Overcomes other health determining issues

Most diseases involve many genes in complex interactions in addition to environmental influences. You may not be born with a disease but there is always a risk of acquiring it. The genetic susceptibility to any disease can be due to presence of one or more gene mutations or MTHFR mutations, so it is wise to be tested and take a proper treatment for MTHFR gene mutations or MTHFR cancer treatment in case of any type of cancers.

Prostate Normal Wellbeing Ideas: Any Man Can Do


Natural Prostate Wellbeing Ideas:

You may perhaps think that it is type of weird for a female naturopath to become discussing prostate difficulties, but I had a partner die of colon cancer and also the cancer spread to his prostate. I miss him.

He had no clue that there were basically alternative treatments that he could do for his cancer. He knew some thing was wrong, but when he went to his doctor, they couldn’t discover something. He happened to be a veterinarian who worked in a teaching hospital, so he went to the horse barn, pulled out the ultrasound machine and did an ultrasound on the place on his entire body that hurt. He saw what he thought was a lump, so he took a videotape from the procedure, took it to his doctor who looked at the tape and said, “Gosh! I consider you’re appropriate!” So, he was scheduled for surgery, but when they opened him up, the cancer had advanced as well far. They closed him up without having doing something and sent him house to die.

I produced up my mind that if I could aid anyone develop lifestyle changes that helped them overcome or prevent cancer of any kind that I would do just that–and there are actually some basic issues that each and every person can do to prevent and overcome cancer. It just so occurs that you will discover some specific items men can do for their prostate well being so I’m sharing them.

Prostate Sickness Statistics:

Prostate disorders generally begin after age 35

By age 50, more than 25% of all guys have an enlarged prostate

By age 70, that increased to more than 50% and by age 80 it’s 80%

Signs of prostate dysfunction include lots of bladder outlet obstruction symptoms such as:

o Acquiring up to pee much more than common for your amount of fluids you ingest

o Can’t empty your bladder all the way or sensations of incomplete emptying

o Increased frequency of urination

o Smaller stream of urine–takes a long time to empty bladder

o Foam within the urine- sign of protein within the urine (a sign of kidney illness)

o Hesitancy with intermittency and decreased flow of urine

o Terminal dribbling or urinary incontinence

o Discomfort throughout intercourse, burning sensations when urinating, tugging sensation around the base within the penis, low back discomfort, blood within the urine or an orange staining while in the underwear might have a distinct cause than Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

Products which will keep the prostate healthy and reduce the PSA scores:

Saw Palmetto is the herb of choice for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) since it tones the prostate, affects the hormones in a positive way and is also a urinary remedy. Tonic value: Strengthens and builds entire body tissues and encourages muscle mass. Anabolic. Hormonal: Estrogenic actions good for impotence, reduced or absent sex drive, testicular atrophy, premature ejaculation (in women it has been applied for breast enlargement) Urinary remedy: Saw Palmetto is nicknamed the “plant catheter” since it strengthens the neck from the bladder and helps cut down enlarged prostate glands. It’s applied as a diuretic to increase urine flow (raw parsley is fantastic for this as well) and it acts as a urinary antiseptic in cystitis. Take as much as 3 capsules daily

Colon Cleansing For Digestive Health


According to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC) 60 to 70 million people are affected by digestive diseases and 14 million are hospitalized from them. Do a search on Google on digestive disorders and you get 173,000 search results. The general consensus seems to be that the incidence of digestive disorders is increasing.

Digestive disorders stem from a variety of causes such as food allergies, medication, stress, hormone changes, low fiber intake, infections, parasites, and lactose intolerance. It seems that anything that disturbs the intestinal bacterial balance or the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria can make the digestive system malfunction.

One of most talked about digestive system illnesses has been colon cancer. When Katie Couric’s husband Jay Monahan died of colon cancer, the general public learned a lot more about the disease. We found out that the same number of women and men are diagnosed with colon cancer every year (about 73.000) and colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths for Americans.

All this publicity about colorectal cancer has lead many people to take an interest in colon cleansing. The blood that flows through all major organs comes from the colon. When the large intestine does not function well, it can not remove waster efficiently. This cause hard, impacted stools and allows toxins to be absorbed into your bloodstream, and through your liver Colon cleansing is thought to improve your general health as well as combat a variety of digestive disorders. Toxins come from the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

Of course, a clean colon can have many other benefits. People report a quick weight loss and reduced belly size, because they were not actually carrying fat around but an impacted colon. Others report having more energy because their digestion system can utilize the energy of the foods they eat more efficiently.

There are several different types of colon cleansing.

Colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation uses warm, filtered water which is gently fused into the colon through the anus via deposable plastic tubing. Experts recommend that this procedure only be performed by a certified or licensed professional.

Enemas are another method though they are only effective for loosening fecal matter in the lower portion of the intestine. The process for an enema involves a small amount of liquid, usually water, being inserted through the anus into the rectum to clear the bowel. Enemas are awkward to use and do not provide long term results for improving wellness.
Laxatives work by softening stool and causing a contraction of the intestinal muscle which result in a bowel movement but do not remove impacted fecal matter from the intestinal walls.

Herbal Colon Cleansers contain psyllium and are an alternative to commercial laxatives. They cause the stool to increase in volume which causes the colon to contract but again this process does not remove impacted fecal matter from the intestinal walls.

Oxygen based colon cleansers react chemically with the hydrochloric acid present in our stomach. After the chemical reaction occurs, the fecal matter melts into a liquid and gas and can be easily eliminated. These are usually taken orally in capsule form.