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September 27, 2017

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Free Rolls into the Big One – WSOP

Alright kids, get a grip on this, think about it, and lest you think too long, jump on the bandwagon, and play – play – play. Because I am a depositing player at “, I’m registered in a July 10th event for a free roll into the big event at the WSOP. It doesn’t take a lot of cash or time to get there. Because I’m a Blogger, I’m registered in the ” Blogger Tournament (WBOCCP), all you have to have is a blog, etc., etc., etc. Check out all the details on the site – and you don’t have much time to register but you too can play for a seat in the WSOP and other prizes. Because I’ve deposited and played at “, I am eligible to play in a free roll tournament for the WSOP Big Event – free roll takes place on June 25th. Sweet! There are all kinds of promos and super deals at PokerWorks. If you’re missing them, you are sleeping through the biggest poker opportunities in history! “

Meditation » About Us

The Way of Meditation is a website created by Australian meditation teacher Chad Foreman to offer the highest quality of meditation training and resources derived from the most power esoteric practices of the East.

Chad has been teaching meditation classes since 2004, and has maintained his own daily meditation for over fifteen years. Chad is an ex professional tennis player and tennis coach and due to his interest in the power of the mind become involved in Buddhist meditation. He trained fulltime for six years studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism in a retreat hut in a monastery in the jungles of Queensland and was eventually ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2003.

Chad as a Buddhist monk in 2003

From the deep insight in meditation retreats and the knowledge from studying Tibetan Buddhism with a world renowned Buddhist scholar, Chad now unleashes the power of meditation derived from the ancient meditation teachings of Buddhism. Using his skills as a trainer and his extensive knowledge of Buddhist philosophy he has developed a world class system of meditation training for the modern person; Mindfulness to Mysticism.

Chad has now left the monastery and is bringing the power of the East to the West in simple to understand instructions and guidance offering people the chance to calm their minds and achieve peace, freedom and joy through the practice of meditation.

Meditation has been practised for over five thousand years and has been used by practitioners to achieve states of peace and enlightenment and now in modern times scientists are also uncovering the huge benefits of meditation in overcoming stress and mental health issues, healing disease and achieving deep states of peace and bliss. Meditation has emerged as the ideal tool for the rushed and stressed conditions of modern living.

Chad is quickly becoming a leading authority in the field of meditation and has the largest meditation page on Facebook with over 1.5 million fans and growing. It seems the West is hungry for the wisdom, peace and insight meditation can bring. Appearing regularly in interviews and forums about meditation Chad now offers a monthly full moon guided meditation where thousands of people gather simultaneously from around the globe to meditate on peace, love and unity in a collective ritual that transcends all borders.

Chad runs weekly group classes, private lessons,workshops and retreats on Meditation in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas and values bringing the highest quality on-line resources to people’s homes. Chad regularly blogs about tips and inspiring articles to keep people enthusiastic about the Way of Meditation and support everyone in their daily practice.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia,

Everything you need to start your own meditation practice at home is on this website. You can download Chad’s guided meditations, getyour meditation cushion or stool or get a free e-book manual on How to Meditate from Chad’s workshops.

 Chad is also the creator of the Facebook page Meditation Masters where you can join more than a million meditators in a global community and receive daily quotes to help guide and inspire the way of meditation.

The peace and contentment found from discovering ever present expansive awareness  is a refuge for all people equally available to every person on the planet, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds.

After a certain level of basic material security, the need for meditation is universal; peace, freedom and our well-being primarily depend on discovering and developing our inner resources.

 The Meditation Views and Techniques outlined on these pages are not new but are presented as a contemporary and easy to understand system of meditation training that does not require religious belief.

The future of Biopharm events

The ” are an integral part of the pharma industries. The pharma industry on the other hand is evolving with great speed and demand and seems to foresee appositive future in the coming years. Much of this expectation is driven because of the pressure that is implemented by the next big thing of the pharma industry and that is the bio processing technologies.

This is the reason why most big pharma companies are now dedicating their research and development efforts on bio pharma drugs rather than the smaller molecule drugs. Some of these companies are also spending around 40% or more amount on their research project so as to gain an edge over the rival companies.

It is needless to say that innovation always results in an improved productivity in all industry regardless of the kind of business that they are involved with. This holds true for the pharma industry as well and thus innovation is one of the primary driving force for many bio pharma trends at present.

The present scenario of the pharma industry is quite encouraging and exciting with latest and newer technologies, bio similar, personalized medicines and of course many different opportunities coming up in the emerging markets. However the present circumstances within the pharma industry tends to believe that more exciting opportunities are coming up in the near future and it is just a matter of time. In fact latest innovations are driving many industry trends and similarly many present industry trends are also the driving force behind the innovation in this pharma industry.

The bio betters or the bio similars are also one of the driving trends. There are more than 700 bio betters available in the developmental pipelines at the moment and it is needless to say that there will be many more such products by the bio pharma manufacturers. It is also worth mentioning that such bio betters will mean a lot for the industry of the bio pharma players ranging from the big honchos to the foreign shores to the virtual parties, with the new facilities and manufacturers coming into the business domain.

All these rivals are expected to compete against each other on the basis of the base price and thus the manufacturing costs will lower down to a considerable extent. This low cost requirement on the other hand will also drive out more companies so that they are able to look for and also adopt the latest bio processing innovations so as to achieve the most cost effective production values.

Thus it can be safely said that the key trends of the pharma industry are being driven by the need for greater quality, reduction in the manufacturing costs, new efficiencies, etc. Thus to remain steady in this competition, the pharma companies need to constantly seek and evaluate new technologies. They also need to cut down on the time of production in the market and also streamline the testing process of the pharma products as a whole that too with fewer resources.

Where we are at

Two trillion dollars. Perhaps over two trillion dollars.That is what we spend every year on health care in the US. Almost
seven thousand dollars for each person. Twenty eight thousand dollars for a family of four. And each year the amount goes
up. Individuals see deductibles and co pays consume a larger part of their income, corporations see medical costs exceed profits
and governments see deficits grow. In return most of us have access to the most technologically sophisticated medical care
in the world. Tests, procedures and medications not available a decade ago have become commonplace. In fact, more people are
living longer than ever before. Perhaps we should celebrate.

However, there is a great disparity in the way care
is delivered from one local to another, from one hospital to another, from one physician to another. A study comparing outcomes
and costs for nearly one million Medicare enrollees published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that residents in high
cost regions received 60% more care than those in low cost regions. Yet the health outcomes were similar. Overall barely one
half of physicians routinely follow best practice guidelines. And for some chronic diseases such as diabetes that number is
far less than half.

The chances of recurrence in hernia operations are one in ten for some surgeons, one in twenty
for others but less than one in five hundred for a select few. A study in Scotland of patients with treatable colon cancer
found that the ten-year survival rate varied from as high as sixty-three per cent to as low as twenty per cent, depending
on the surgeon. For coronary bypass, after adjusting for underlying risk factors, death rates in New York vary from five per
cent to under one per cent. In London, England, the rate of completion for colonoscopies averaged only 67% but for physicians
in academic centers it was over 90%.

These examples are neither isolated nor extreme. They are simply what were found
when someone took the time to investigate. To investigate AND measure outcomes. But even more compelling, the vast majority
of physicians do not know this information about themselves leading to what we call, ‘the disconnect between physicians
and their outcomes over time’.

So where are we now? Huge medical expenditures give most of us access to highly advanced
and sophisticated medical care but without any meaningful measure of how well we are doing or, especially, how well we could
do. For over twenty years medical costs have been an issue. And for over twenty years attempts to control these costs have

Does Hair Laser Therapy Work? | Laser Hair Growth Treatment | Hair Loss Clinic

Does Hair Laser Therapy Work?

There are a number of studies out proving that Hair laser Therapy works to increase the efficacy of Minoxidil and if just used alone may not be so effective. So the answer is to combine the two treatments for best results.

Laser Hair Growth Therapy works if used in conjunction with Minoxidil and this has been proven. The most effective wavelength is 650nm 5 mw lasers. You should use a Laser with at least 50 lasers to cover the entire affected area take a look at our “

So in answer to the question does Laser Therapy work well…not just using a laser alone will prevent hair loss it will however, Thicken and Strengthen Hair in addition to making your hair healthier.

So its best used together with Minoxidil then you will see hair regrowth and prevent future Hair Loss.

Robert Short Story

When I started gaining weight about

four years ago at age 46, I  just figured that the aging process had finally caught

up with me.  I tried cutting back on calories during the day, but that only resulted

in my overeating at night, causing further weight gains. In no time at all, my weight

climbed up to 224 pounds, and my pants ballooned to size 44.

One day, I got some information in

the mail about a new weight-management program.  I was especially skeptical about the

products because as a paraplegic, I couldn’t combine exercise with a sensible eating plan

to help me drop pounds.  After considering my only other option of being

substantially overweight for the rest of my life I decided to at least give the program

a try.  I didn’t think the products would work because I was still eating what I

enjoyed, but my clothes just kept getting bigger.

Today, I weigh 163 pounds,

and wear size 36 pants. I am 50 years old but I certainly donВ’t feel like it.

These products are great!

All About Mexican Salsa, Natural And Gluten Free, Mexican Picante Sauce

Salsa is one of the world’s oldest condiments. Throughout most of recorded history, and even prehistory, people have been mixing up bowls full of the odds and ends and bits of various vegetables, spices, herbs and eating the result. We have learned how to mix up bowls of chopped and minced vegetables in ways that actually taste good. Today’s
Mexican picante sauces run the gamut from green tomatillo salsas all the way to mango salsas so sweet they could almost be desserts.

But the best of them all is a fire roasted salsa. Only the kiss of a flame can bring out every layer of flavor in peppers, tomatoes, onions and other succulent salsa ingredients. It caramelizes the sugars, wakes up dormant flavors and makes the whole mixture sing and dance on the tongue. The smoky note added by the flame ties everything together and, when done right, adds to the whole rather than dominating it. Of course, you can’t have good salsa picante without good ingredients. You want the finest vine-ripened tomatoes, the freshest, most attitude-laden peppers and onions with just the right bite. All these elements have to be present to lay a flavor base. Then comes the herbs and spices. Cilantro is the most common of these, but it can run away with the show if not carefully controlled by a skilled chef. Anyone who’s ever ordered a pork pastor taco from a taco truck and gotten a tortilla stuffed with cilantro used like shredded lettuce can testify to the necessity of a careful hand.The same rules apply for garlic, basil, onion, oregano or any other flavor note the salsa chef wants to introduce. It’s all about the balance.


Our penchant towards eating healthier foods and an increased awareness of nutritional issues has rendered a mostly pre-meal dip served with tortilla chips to the usage of
Mexican salsa picante with eggs, as a pizza sauce with a zing, a guilt-proof topping over baked potatoes and fries
Homemade Tex-Mex salsa

Now, you can make your own salsa, surely. It’s a great way to use up an over-abundance of fresh produce and play with flavors. You just might come up with something truly amazing! Or you can guarantee success with the fire-roasted salsa from It’s A Texas Squeeze. This gluten-free, salt-free concoction packs just the right punch without a pinch of preservatives or artificial flavors of any kind! One taste of this and you’ll be an instant convert. It’s the best thing that ever happened to everything from omelets to grilled foods and even casseroles.


As if the salsa wasn’t good enough, it’s also the most portable picante around! It comes in a convenient, durable, totally recyclable plastic bottle that won’t break even if your party guests get a little too enthusiastic and decide to play some mariachi music on the picnic table with it. And they will get enthusiastic once they taste it. Remember what we said about the perfect balance of flavors, about the smoky note adding to the whole rather than taking it over? One taste of It’s A Texas Squeeze and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Salem Eagle | Independent Ideas for Independent Thinkers

Great Conservative Books. Great Conservative Authors

Regnery Publishing is the country’s leading publisher of conservative books. Since Henry Regnery founded the company back in 1947, we have focused on publishing books that challenge the status quo, books that spark a debate, and books that get people talking about the issues and questions we face as a country founded on principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free market capitalism.

Our list of authors reads like a “who’s who” of conservative thought and action, including Ann Coulter, Steve Forbes, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Dinesh D’Souza, Newt Gingrich, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Ed Klein, David Horowitz, Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump, and many more… “

Your Home for Great Conservative Books

For more than 50 years, the Conservative Book Club has guided book lovers to the best conservative books and authors of our times. While the mainstream media tends to celebrate only books from the Left, the Conservative Book Club has provided a much-needed resource for readers interested in conservative politics and conservative values. CBC remains the guiding light for conservative book lovers today. And in its new digital iteration, the Conservative Book Club welcomes new and old friends alike to discover the profound pleasure of great conservative books.

To read an in depth history of the Conservative Book Club, please read this beautiful tribute from The Daily Signal, written by Lee Edwards, the Distinguished Scholar of Conservative Thought at The Heritage Foundation, along with his wife, Anne Edwards, who was the first employee of the Conservative Book Club back in 1964… “

Financial News Advice and Recommendations from the World’s Most Trusted Experts

Eagle Financial Publications division offers advice from top investment experts, along with insightful reports and analysis from our market-tracking editorial staffers. Our investment advisers feature Dr. Mark Skousen, a New York-based free-market economist who has been guiding investors for more than 30 years; Jim Woods, a 20-plus-year veteran of the markets with varied experience as a broker, hedge fund trader, financial writer, author and newsletter editor; Nicholas Vardy, a London-based American money manager with degrees from Stanford and Harvard universities; Bryan Perry, a three-decade Wall Street veteran who specializes in tracking down the highest-yielding dividend investment opportunities; and Bob Carlson, who, as a CPA and attorney, has been guiding readers in all aspects of retirement since 1991. Now in it’s 30th year, Eagle Financial Publications flagship newsletter, Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies, remains one of the most successful investment newsletters in the nation. Subscribers have benefited from Dr. Skousen’s ability to be on the right side of most of the major trends in the market since the newsletter’s inception in 1980.

Helping Individuals Take Personal Control of Their Health

Eagle Wellness provides individuals with the insights, leadership, products, and services that will allow them to take personal control of their health. This is of particular importance to aging baby-boomers as they feel the frustration of dealing with the mainstream medical system. Millions of Americans, including a significant number of conservatives, are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to their health by turning toward more natural-healing solutions including nutritional supplements.

Newport Natural Health is the flagship brand for Eagle Wellness, featuring the approach to health that Leigh Erin Connealy, MD’s has developed and refined through her years as medical director of the Center for New Medicine in Orange County, CA. Utilizing the best of modern scientific medical insights with natural healing traditions that have been proven effective, Dr. Connealy provides readers of her Newport Natural Health Letter a combination of candid information, unique solutions, simple marching orders, and tough love.  “

Hair Loss Advanced Treatments | Laser Hair Growth Treatment | Hair Loss Clinic

Hair Loss Advanced Treatments

Are you tired of your hair loss and the conventional methods to stop hair loss? It is true that not all hair loss treatments are effective on all. Due to the complex genetic build up and inherited traits of many, the common and natural hair loss treatments may not be effective on all people. So the solution for those people is combined advanced hair growth treatments.


Advanced hair loss treatments make use of the innovations in the field of science and technology for treatments. These treatments are popular in many places, especially UK, Australia and the US. Some of the advanced treatments for hair loss are hair transplants,  laser therapy, hair grafting, cosmetic surgery. These treatments stop hair loss and boosts hair re-growth. Laser hair growth treatments are required for people in early stages of hair loss. But transplants are very effective on people in the later stages of hair loss.


Hair transplants are widely popular in UK, Australia and the US. It is cosmetic surgery and is an effective treatment for hair loss. This surgery is capable of giving new looks to the person in terms of the hair loss that has occurred. In hair transplantation, the cosmetic surgeon takes samples of new growing hair from the donor areas on the scalp and transplants them on the areas that are suffering hair loss. The follicles also are transplanted in a similar fashion to promote hair re-growth.


Many hair clinics in UK, Australia and the US promote laser hair loss therapy more than any other advanced hairloss treatments for hair loss. Your dermatologist will be able to advise you on the best type of laser treatment for your hair loss. Laser hair growth therapy which increases the blood circulation on your scalp this promotes hair growth and re-growth. It strengthens the hair roots and provides the required nutrients to the scalp cells. Low level laser beams also are used, these improve the texture of the hair and are usually used with drugs or other hair re-growth products and is usually for people that have hair loss in the last 5-7 years.


Laser combs are also an advanced hair loss treatment. These are widely available in the UK market and there are some leading brands like HairMax and Leimo which manufacture these laser combs. These can be used by the individual without any assistance, just like a regular hair brush. You need to use it 10 to 15 minutes a day.


Laserlux lasers have a wide ” that you can sit under whilst reading, watching tv or working 3 times per week for a similar or better price than a single laser comb.


All the treatments may not be effective on everybody. A dermatologist will be able to help you with the choice of the treatment best suited for you.