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Anna Richardson provides a guide for tramadol HCL users or anyone considering this medication as a pain-reliever. She discusses the benefits of the drug, what it’s used for, and includes cautionary suggestions for safe use.

Tramadol is a potent pain-reliever similar to codeine. Whereas codeine is derived from the opium poppy, tramadol is a synthetic opiate. It’s also something of a designer drug because, unlike codeine and other opiate analgesics, it has antidepressant properties similar to Zoloft to elevate mood. Tramadol is the generic form of brand-name Ultram.

What Does Tramadol Do?

Introduced in the late 1970s by a German pharmaceutical company, tramadol’s mode of action is similar to that of other opiates: It relieves pain by numbing the brain’s pain signal. Meanwhile, its stimulating effects create a happier mood. The result is highly effective for treating moderate to severe pain, especially for patients with chronic, ongoing pain who would otherwise be unable to function.

Why Is This Drug Prescribed?

It’s usually prescribed for short-term relief from pain caused by surgery or other injuries. It’s also used to treat chronic conditions like back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Tramadol does not change, treat or heal the underlying cause of pain. It’s merely a means of feeling more comfortable when pain is present.

How Is Tramadol Taken?

Tramadol Hcl 50mg tablets relieve moderate pain for about 4-6 hours. Although the most common form of the drug is the 50 mg tablet, it’s also available in 100 mg tablets and in time-release formulations of from 100-300 mg per dose. The time-release tablets are generally prescribed only for severe and chronic pain, and the effects last all day.

Is Tramadol Safe?

This medicine is safe when used appropriately, but it can be dangerous as well. Let your doctor know if you have a history of:

* Drug or alcohol addiction
* Seizures
* Kidney disease
* Liver disease
* Mental illness
* Suicide thoughts or attempts
* Stomach disorders

Can I Take Too Much?

Tramadol has the potential to cause seizures, respiratory depression, coma, even death if the prescribed dose is exceeded. Symptoms of overdose can include:

* Respiratory difficulties
* Seizures
* Pinpoint pupils
* Heart attack
* Unconsciousness
* Coma

Are There Side Effects?

Tramadol Hcl 50mg tablets may cause side effects. Let your physician know if you experience any of the following:

* Skin rashes
* Constipation
* Weak pulse
* Dizziness
* Drowsiness
* Blurred vision
* Weakness
* Nausea or vomiting
* Headache
* Indigestion

Be especially alert for any of these side effects. If they occur, call your doctor immediately:

* Seizures
* Hives
* Breathing problems
* Sores in the mouth, throat, nose or eyes
* Difficulty swallowing
* Hoarseness
* Localized swelling

What About Drug Interactions?

There are quite a few medicines with which tramadol does not mix. Be certain to let your doctor know if you’re taking any of the following drugs and, if you’re taking tramadol, do not mix it with any of these medicines without first consulting your physician:

* Alcohol
* Antidepressants
* Tranquilizers
* Muscle relaxers
* Antipsychotics
* Other opiate pain relievers
* Sleeping pills
* Antihistamines
* HIV/AIDS medicines
* Cold or allergy medications
* Seizure medications
* Nausea medicines
* Migraine medications
* Heart, heart rhythm, or blood pressure drugs
* Lithium
* Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) medications
* Anti-fungal drugs
* St. John’s Wort
* Cough suppressants
* Antibiotics
* Cancer treatment drugs

Finally, avoid drinking grapefruit juice while taking tramadol.

Is Tramadol Prescribed For Weight Loss?

Some patients experience weight loss while taking tramadol Hcl 50mg tablets although the drug is not intended as a weight loss product and should not be used as one. Weight loss can result from the loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting that sometimes accompanies this medicine.

Is Tramadol Habit-Forming?

Tramadol is an effective and beneficial pain reliever when used as directed but, as with other opiate drugs, it can be addictive. For that reason it should be taken exactly as prescribed and only as long as pain continues.

If you want a tramadol Hcl 50mg tablet more often than every 4-6 hours or if you want the medication when you have no pain, contact your doctor immediately. This drug should be used cautiously and only as directed.

Can I Stop Taking Tramadol?

Stopping this medication suddenly can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Long-term users or those with a dependence on tramadol should be weaned from the medicine gradually and under the care of a physician. Withdrawal symptoms can include hallucinations, tremors, insomnia, anxiety, muscle rigidity, and diarrhea.

Is Tramadol Available Online?

You can purchase both generic tramadol and brand-name Ultram on the Internet from US pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Many patients prefer to purchase medicines from web pharmacies because it’s cheaper and more convenient. For a listing of legitimate US pharmacies where you can buy FDA-approved tramadol at a discount, check with LegitScript at

It can also be purchased from overseas pharmacies for even more savings and without a prescription. Prescriptions are not required in countries like Mexico, India and Canada. The downside is that you’re taking a risk. Before purchasing tramadol from overseas pharmacies, do some research to identify a reputable and reliable online drugstore.

In some countries like the UK, you can purchase tramadol online after completing a questionnaire and submitting it to an in-house physician. The doctor will review your request and can supply a prescription. You’ll be charged for the consultation and the prescription as well as for the price of medication.

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Is going to the cold outside make you catch flu?


Is going to the cold outside make you catch flu?

Posted by
admin 8 January, 2010

For many of us cold weather means an outbreak of flu, our mom’s were telling us to take our umbrella, cap, mittens and waterproof boots. All that to keep us warm and not to catch a cold. Every mother is a treasure and should be treated like one. As mothers, we try doing all we can to keep people we take care of safe from illness. Sometimes it’s hard to keep someone healthy. My mother-in-law thinks that chilly wind does not have anything to do with health. I can’t really agree with her. I suppose she got that idea from her experience, her son grew big and strong. She used to buy him new jackets every fall, he took them to school and put in the locker and did not wear it at all. He would take it out in the summer just to take it back home.
Looking at me now, I’m leaning back, blowing my nose, coughing and almost certain that my brain already turned into some kind of pulp. My husband is a wonder, he does not wear jackets just as when he was a kid, he is overweight, does not eat vegetables unless it’s cooked in some really tasty way. He takes vitamins only when I put them in his hand, and how does he end? Perfectly healthy! He did not even have flu for more than a year.
Some time ago, I found some interesting things in a study I read. It mentioned that a decrease in body temperature is connected to being vulnerable to viral infections such as cold and influenza. I must say, I agree with the things I read there. Every time I got cold, be it due to rain, cold wind or got chilled in any other way, I became sick instantly. In nursing school I was taught that the normal body temperature is 98.6, while I have only 97 most of the time.
I understand that we are vulnerable to infections especially in the winter months. It may be caused by us, we heat our rooms and they become the perfect incubators for viruses and bacteria. Another cause may be the immune system. Having a rheumatoid disease, means that we get and take medications that suppress the immune system. Of course, it’s not just to make us prone to infections. For many of us, the immune system turned against us, it causes our own cells to work against our body. The cells can break, so all the stuff inside the cells goes to many places in our bodies. When it goes to joints, it causes arthritis, if to an organ, it can cause other health problems. Either way we lose, we can suffer from our own immune system or from the infections.
I tried many things to keep myself warm through the winter. Every time I wake up, I put on many layers of clothes. When going out for shopping, wool socks, gloves, jackets, hats and waterproof boots. I even have my side of the bed electrically warmed. But somehow it all does not help, I’m here sick.
You may think that a little bit of cold didn’t hurt anyone, but I really get in pain when it’s cold. You might not have felt this way, but I get a feeling that my bones get frozen and ready to snap when I get out into the cold. It really is frustrating, I keep telling myself that spring will arrive soon. Why? It’s simple, I was a pot of daffodils in the market. It has to mean that it will come soon enough, right?

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Life with Chronic Pain Blog
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Move the Body « this OMazing life

Dare!Published January 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

It’s Friday Dare time and with Angela Morel as our inspiration, we dare you to eat clean and work up a sweat this weekend!! What do we mean by eat clean?  Try for: -No alcohol -No refined sugar or flour -Nothing fried -And lots of fresh fruits and veggies!! If you can only do a […]

by elle When Anna and I decided on the topic of tapas or self-discipline for the month of January, we each knew immediately who we wanted to interview.  For Anna, it was her friend Dr. Jeff Beaudoin to learn more about his impressive daily home yoga practice, which has inspired us both to begin our […]

by elle Welcome to another brand new week!  I am back in chilly St. Louis after a warm and magical week on Kauai – did you see the video I made for you of some yoga on the beach? How is your study of tapas/self-discipline going this month?  Swimmingly?  Or are you having a hard […]

Dare!Published January 18, 2013 at 9:10 am

by elle BOOM! It’s Friday, and I know you’re feeling pretty excited about the whole doing-yoga-at-your-house thing.  I can sense your excitement from all the way over here in Kauai, where I have spent the past week.  Your tapas is showing, my friends.  And I like it. We have spent this week getting you pumped about […]

So we’ve been posting all week about creating your own home practice and the “Tapas” it requires to do that.  Maybe you’ve become inspired, but you’re thinking “I’ve got the tapas, I’ve created my sacred space, and I’m ready to practice, but I’m not a yoga teacher so what should I practice?“  I definitely battled […]

This week I had the pleasure of talking about Tapas with one of the most dedicated, focused, and self-disciplined yogis I know.  Dr. Jeff Beaudoin is the founder of Omaha Power Yoga and he has an awe-inspiring dedication to his own personal growth both as a student and teacher of yoga.  Jeff practices every day, […]

On Tuesday we announced our theme for the month of January – Tapas, or self-discipline – and included some journaling questions to get you started on building goals for the month.  The two of us hopped on to Skype this week to talk out the meaning of tapas and to discuss our goals for the […]

About the cabana man

  My name is Mike Laing. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and work in the Bullhead City, Arizona area. I am a Captain with a local Fire Department and have worked there for 15 years. I have been involved in the fire service for over 20. I started out in the vacation home concierge business kind of by accident. I met some friends years ago that have a vacation home in Bullhead City. They would mostly enjoy a few weekends out at the house during the summer months to go water skiing and would invite me to join them. As time went on, I would go by from time to time and check on their house for them. After a while, they would call me up to tell me that they were coming out to visit and I would go over to their house and set everything up for them. As you can probably imagine, walking into a house that is 120 degrees in the summer after driving across the desert from L.A. is not very relaxing. I would pretty much set things up so that all they had to really do is walk in the door and start enjoying their time off. I spent many years thinking about offering this service to others (about 12 to be exact) and so I started The Cabana Man. My services are like having your own Concierge at your fingertips to call in advance and have everything ready for when you arrive. I look forward to serving you and answering any questions you may have. So drop me a line or e-mail me and I will be happy to talk to you.
Why The Man?
About The Man
Contact The Man

A friendly reminder from new game plus: cinematic greatness by drew robbins

Archive for March, 2011

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    I’m a journalist, not a psychic:  I can’t tell what it is you will be doing on this particular Thursday…

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  • PAX EAST 2011: L.A. Noire Preview (Extended First Look)

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    One of the first appointments I made back at PAX East was with Rockstar, who showed off L.A. Noire. It…

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  • New Challengers Appear: First Footage of Jill and Wesker in Resident Evil Mercenaries!

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    The 3DS might not have a lot in the way of software – but don’t mistake that for never having…

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  • Lali Wants To Know Why Haven’t You Seen This: Night of the Comet

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    Regina : What are you going to do when your complexion freaks out? Dermatologist is dead, ya know? Samantha: I…

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  • Battle: Los Angeles Review by Elmo Machete

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    It’s always a pleasant surprise when a movie lives up to your expectations. Unfortunately, if your expectations were met when…

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  • It’s a ‘Dog’s World by Drew Robbins

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    March means a lot of things around the world.  For me, it is the month that I can devote an…

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  • New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer!

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    Check out the new Deus Ex Three Ways To Play trailer!        

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    The preceding week is over and you are weak and weary.  Everything around you seems to be falling apart at…

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    The prequel to 2009′s Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012, covers the 12th war between the forces of Cosmos and Chaos,…

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  • New Game Plus 3D – Final Mission: Elite Beat Agents by Drew Robbins

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    As we close in on the launch of Nintendo’s brand-new portable, the 3DS, New Game Plus gives you the best…

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The wizard of oz and other narcissists coping with the one way relationship in work love and family deals on narcissist

This book helps!

Reviewed by Jean Lynch, 2009-12-20

This is pretty much what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been trying to
find a book to help me deal with my future mother in law who is a
narcissist. I wanted something easy to ready, something to have my
fiance read to try to see some of the things she does that he
doesn’t even seem to notice, and something that – while it doesn’t
really explain WHY they are like that – helps me understand that I
am not the crazy one in the relationship! This book did all of
that. What I was also looking for was more ways HOW to deal with
them, and while this book skimmed on that in parts – and stressed
that you need to set boundaries and stick to them – it didn’t go as
in depth as I would have liked in that area. Also, for my situation
only the first 4 or 5 chapters applied – so I just skimmed over the
rest of the book. But, overall I found the book extremely helpful –
and it was very well written!

Very Complete

Reviewed by Richard Mertes, 2009-11-22

I browsed through a few books on the subject, and my only concern
about this one was around its relative brevity–I wasn’t sure if it
could do justice to the subject at such a modest length (compared
to other volumes addressing the topic). My worries were thoroughly
unjustified. This book is packed with useful information, yet
remains very readable–at times even quite poetic. Due to its
accessibility and comprehensive nature, I would wholeheartedly
recommend this book to anyone interested in this subject. It was
tremendously helpful to me. I feel very grateful to the author for
masterfully assembling such a great deal of information in an
initially inviting and consistently engaging manner. I have a
couple of friends who have also found this book to be an invaluable
tool in understanding certain facets of their lives. I suspect that
other readers would respond similarly.

Outstanding book

Reviewed by Sue, 2009-09-10

I usually read self-help books with much skimming and eye-rolling,
but this author offers powerful analysis of the personalities and
strategies for negotiating them. This book is useful in general for
understanding the unconscious politics of relationships whether or
not one recognizes a narcissist in it. It’s hands-down the best
self-help book I’ve read (OK, still reading.)

A remarkably intelligent analysis

Reviewed by R. Bliszcz, 2009-08-26

This book does a wonderful job of clearly laying out the dynamic
invovled in narcissistic relationships. It becomes clear how the
narcissist draws others into a codependent dance, and why people
who grew up with narcissistic caregivers have such a difficult time
seeing the dyanmic and ultimately extracting themselves from it.
It’s a powerful book for anyone who lives or works with
narcissistic personalities.

This IS my life…it put all the pieces together

Reviewed by SARARV, 2009-08-26

As I read this book I saw my parents personality so clearly. I
recommend it to anyone who might be affected by a narcissist and
wants to stop feeling abused by it. I learned that boundaries are
good even if the narcissist never gets it. I feel like the weight
of the narcissists has left my shoulders!

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Please note that, depending on the numbers you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges in excess of your local service charges on your telephone bill. To find out whether or not you will incur any charges, and if so, the amounts of such charges, please contact your local telephone company. You will be responsible for all such charges incurred. Live technical support available for a fee of .95/min. (or in certain areas, 4.95/call) effective May 1, 2003 $2.95 CDN/min in Canada. NetZero reserves the right to impose additional hourly usage limitations. See Terms of Service for details. Service not available in all areas. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices in U.S. dollars.

** References to AOL®, EarthLink or MSN pricing and savings amounts based on U.S. standard monthly rates as of 04/24/03. AOL® may offer prepaid packages that may reduce the amount of savings. AOL®, MSN and EarthLink are trademarks for their respective owners.

Launch day!

The day has arrived and has launched.

I started this new business endeavour at the end of 2010 after I came back from maternity leave. I had been thinking about the idea of building an e-commerce site that sold a large variety of eco-friendly, reusable and fun water bottles for several years. I am one of those individuals that need to have a bottle with me at all times (that is a water bottle of course). I am actually a bit OCD about it. The problem is, I am forever misplacing my bottles. I end up having to source new and specific kinds of water bottles to ensure that they fit my lifestyle and personal style, and are eco-friendly. This always takes more time and energy than I expect.

After chatting with several friends, family members and colleagues I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t the only one that was obsessed with their water bottle, and that many others were looking for an easy solution, during their hectic schedules, for sourcing innovative, stylish and BPA-free water bottles that fit their lifestyles.

As a result, I decided to build a website where other individuals could find their perfect water bottle. currently offers over 90 different kinds of aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic and baby/toddler bottles; all BPA-free. The goal is to continually add new and original products on a regular basis.

I am currently drinking out of a glass, 16oz Lifefactory, graphite-coloured bottle. I have fallen in love with drinking from a glass bottle. I find it perfect for the office and yoga.

Everyone needs a bottle that fits his or her lifestyle, and personal style. I hope you can find your perfect bottle on If you don’t, let me know what you are looking for and I will add it to the site.