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Monday, 22 January 2007 A wireless data logger can be used to measure various things such as temperature, electrical currents, humidity, light, speed, air quality and even acidity.  Wireless data loggers can also be used over different distances and locations.  A wireless data logger is an indispensable measurement tool because it is extremely versatile and practical.  Many wireless data loggers have USB ports which could be connected to your PC or laptop.  This allows you to upload the readings from your data logger into various applications on your computer.

You could then analyze these reading or export them into other computer software applications.  A wireless data logger is particularly useful for obtaining measurement reading in inaccessible locations.  This is because they are compact and hence, very portable/discrete.  They also have powerful sensors which can measure volatile variables such as carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, wireless data loggers come with their own storage mechanism.  Their storage mechanism will have a storage capacity of no less than 1 megabyte and no more than 6 megabytes.  One of the good things about wireless data loggers is that you do not have to connect them to the electricity mains.  Thus, they can be used even when you are on the move.  It is also worth mentioning that wireless data loggers are also inexpensive and easy to use.  There is no doubt that a wireless data logger certainly serves as a convenient and cost effective way of measuring variables over a long period of time within a variety locations and settings.



City Loft Apartement Unit 1511 Jakarta
Pusat (2008)

Kantor Rumah
Dr. Kurtubi
Jl. Bunyu 6 Rawamangun
Jakarta (2008)
Apartemen Ferdinald
Cassablanca Apartement Jakarta(2008)

Klinik EASCO Medical
Gedung ASPAC Lt. dasar Kuningan Jakarta

Dapur Koko
Pondok Gede Jakarta Timur (2007)

Kantor Kompressindo
Komplek Rukan Jl. Wijaya Jakarta Selatan (2007) Cafenet
Abha City Saudi Arabia , 2006. (join with PT.
Ajaam Contractor).
Raya Industri No.1, Hyundai Lippo Cikarang, 2006. (join with PT. Garis
Hijau Indonesia)
Kantor El-Huraida
Abha City Saudi Arabia, 2005 (join with PT. Ajaam
Chinese Restaurant
Mediterania Apartment Gajah Mada , 2005. (joint
with PT. Nodus).
Rumah Edwin
Malang East Java ,2005. (join with PT. Garis
Hijau Indonesia)
Kantor EASCO
Aston Building 2nd floor Taman Rasuna Kuningan
,2005. (join with PT. Garis Hijau Indonesia)
Ruang Tidur Claudia
Perumahan Sunter North Jakarta , 2005 (join with
PT. PentaWira Cipta Indonesia)
Sony Center
Electronic City Karawaci , 2005 (join with PT.
PentaWira Cipta Indonesia)
American Restaurant

Pasar Gambir Kemayoran , 2005
(join with PT. PentaWira Cipta Indonesia)
Mac Data Counter
Kelapa Gading Mal North Jakarta , 2005 (join
with PT. PentaWira Cipta Indonesia)
Kafe StarHut
Bumi Serpong Damai, 2005 (join with PT. PentaWira
Cipta Indonesia)
Kamar Tidur Hotel El-Suudy
Jeddah Saudi Arabia, 2005 (join with PT. Ajaam
Rumah Linda
jl. Cirebon Cinere Jakarta, 2004(PT. Garis Hijau
Rumah Emil Abbas
Payakumbuh Padang West Sumatera ,2004. (join
with PT. Garis Hijau Indonesia)

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Tips on choosing an online internet pharmacy


Placing your order your pharmaceutical drug with an online World wide web local pharmacy will save you capital and conserve a journey to the neighborhood drugstore. It is necessary that the internet pharmacy you decide on is reputable and provides the representation and medicines that you might want.

Most people help save a large fraction by placing your order their treatments with an on-line Internet online pharmacy. This is particularly handy if you get often and obtain several each time. Even vet drugs are available. Websites that provide within a out of the way vicinity or the suburbs using a compact drug store, it might be difficult to get some prescription medications. A web based Internet drugstore includes a substantial stock of prescription drugs to serve individuals from unique spots.

Acquiring a web-based World-wide-web Local drugstore

The simplest way to choose a local drugstore to meet your requirements is to try using an Google search that offers you numerous sites to think about. There are actually distinctive internet sites to substantiate online pharmacy the required permits and authenticate their enterprise. You may also make contact with the Better Business Bureau On-line to determine if there are damaging stories from your druggist you have discovered.

Online pharmacies give many sets of treatments for all those unique requirements. You should buy some of the most common medicines at these websites. You can buy treatment medications, allergy symptom prescription drugs, weight-loss and the like just like Diazepam. Valium, Alprazolam, Codeine, Viagra, Xanax, Acetaminophen, Lorazepam, and Ativan are typical obtainable. System osteoarthritis, hypertension, or have to have an antibiotic, you can find these at the web online pharmacy too.

When you would like diverse pharmacist, be sure you check up on shipping and delivery charges and companies provided. Some jobs be the equivalent of three weeks to come and you must obtain on time to take delivery of it prior to runing out of the current recommended amount of money. When you need disaster medicine, it’d apt to be better to get those doctor prescribed regionally.

Buy High Quality Things Treatments

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Treatments furnished inside You.Ersus. are good quality controlled through the Oughout.Vertisements. Pharmacopeia (USP), in conjunction with the FDA. Consider this in choosing to buy drug treatments from away from the land.

It really is not a good idea to buy prescription drugs you have never utilized just before, you have to know what your prescribed appears to be. This will help just remember to obtain right substance rather than an alternative or replica. Meet with a health care professional just before getting on the web solutions. And, dress in combination remedies without the need of talking to a doctor 1st. Some medications have serious relationships when coupled with other folks.

Spend less with an On line Web Local pharmacy

With the price tag on medication mounting dramatically nowadays, a web-based Internet local drugstore will let you in saving funds on your prescriptions and other treatments. Take time to research before you buy to get the best rates on good quality medicinal drugs.

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Marketing services | marketing campaign management


Allegra Marketing provides relevant marketing services in Arizona. Our marketing experts can help you build your brand, acquire new clients, or simply help you communicate better with your existing clients.

We have an experienced, creative, forward-thinking team that is focused on understanding your communication issues and meeting your objectives. We provide end-to-end creative solutions from developing strategy and creating relevant communications, to executing tactics and measuring results.

Marketing Services AZ: Print

Traditional Print
Superior offset print quality and service for all professional communications, from business stationery and forms to brochures and catalogs.

Digital Print
Get what you need when you need it with dynamic and flexible print options for short or long run, unique or targeted marketing communications.

Wide Format Solutions
Brand and message consistency for large format posters, signage and event promotions.

Marketing Services AZ: Direct Marketing

Mail & Fulfillment
Flawless execution and distribution of direct mail, catalogs and printed business communications. We have trained staff, Mail Piece Quality Certified by the USPS, enabling you to increase the accuracy of your mailings and reduce postage fees.

Marketing Services AZ: Design

Creative Services
Inspired design based on understanding customer segments and motivations. Design and execution of business advertising and marketing that is strategically founded on your business philosophy.

Marketing Services AZ: Business Services

Document Management
We offer convenient and cost-effective management of an online catalog of marketing communications with On-Demand access.

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Strategy & Analysis
Integrated multi-channel campaign planning, analysis, strategy and execution that delivers relevant and measurable marketing communications. Focused on customer acquisition and customer loyalty campaigns.

Marketing Services AZ: Personalized Marketing

Highly personalized, 1-to-1 targeted marketing with a personalized URL that can collect or validate customer insights while providing clients with real-time measurement and analysis.

Contact Allegra Marketing for marketing services, including print, direct marketing, design, business services, integrated marketing, personalized marketing and more.

Akso management


Akso Management focuses on investments in leading companies looking for further growth and consolidation opportunities. Akso Management will seek significant influence or controlling stakes in fast growing businesses, and will partner with entrepreneurs who have the ambitions to take their business to the next level of development.

International trading

Akso Management, in close partnership with leading market players, is engaged in the purchase of mainline and regional companies. The company’s dedicated trading team aims to identify attractive purchase options:

  • Directly from the seller;
  • From owners and investors;

  • Brokerage

    Akso Management vision is to forge beneficial long-term customer relationships through outstanding service at every stage of the brokerage process.

    Company Acquisition Services

    For clients looking to acquire company, Akso Management holds the necessary expertise and infrastructure in order to identify the most suitable and optimally priced opportunities available on the market. With its clients’ needs in mind, Akso Management offers:

    • Pricing and valuation of company;
    • Clearly defined contract terms;
    • Company pricing negotiation;
    • Privacy protection.

    Consulting Services

    The consultancy services of Akso Management are backed by years of experience, the pooling of industry expertise and through collaboration with leading market players and institutions. The company focuses its advisory on asset financial planning, market research and assessment.

    Financial Planning

    Akso Management is well positioned to provide individually tailored advice regarding the best approach to manage your company financial investments. Whether it be mitigating asset depreciation risk or optimising your finances Akso Management can devise the ideal strategies for you.

    Market Research & Assessment

    With unrivalled access to valuable market intelligence, Akso Management supports its clients with complete, up-to-date and accurate market information. Ongoing research ensures that the company’s clients remain at the forefront of the industry, allowing them to make timely and optimal business decisions.

    Asset Management

    Akso Management is aptly positioned to provide company owners, financiers and investors with all asset services necessary to manage portfolio. Its duties govern:

    • Administration;
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    • Transaction management;
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    Remarketing Services

    Remarketing is an integral function of Akso Management. It is the company’s aim to provide all the necessary tools and assistance to place company with the most appropriate clients in a timely manner. Precisely, the services of Akso Management cover:

  • General analysis of market conditions;
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  • Advertisement;
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  • Preparation, drafting and delivery of final transaction documents.

Brain pathway triggers impulsive eating












Scientists have discovered a new pathway in the insect brain that may hold the key in triggering impulsive eating, a report said. Researchers from the University of Georgia said that neural pathways in insect’s brains that is supposed to be a trigger mechanism to engage in eating for pleasure. The new discovery could mirror how the human brain could also have pathways that could also trigger impulsive eating.

Scientists know that hungry insects tend to be more aggressive and are willing to exert effort to find food. Now scientists have discovered that there is a part in the insect’s brain that makes them excited about food when they smell something is great for them to eat even if they are not hungry.

Researchers were surprised that insects have this impulsive eating mechanism based on a reward cue. They found out appetizing odors which are emitted generally by sugar-rich foods cause impulsive eating behavior in insects. Insects are repelled by non-appealing meals. The findings suggest that eating for pleasure is not an invention of modern society and exists since antiquity and even displayed by lower life forms such as insects and are not exclusive to humans.










































The top three failed cold sore treatments > buy acyclovir


I asked my mother what I should do, but she was clueless that. My mom was raising four kids so she thought she had seen everything, but she had never seen anything along these lines before.

The other cold sore prescription medicine is called zovirax. It was FDA approved in 2002 and is actually as an ointment similar to Denvavir, however additionally as a tablet, capsule and a liquid. The Zovirax capsule is stronger in its fight versus the herpes simplex virus n comparison to the creme. Obtain take one tablet 4-6 times each and every day.

The Cuticle layer of hair may be the outer layer of hair, when magnified it resembles roof shingles. They overlap in multiple layers although unique ability to open and close (think flower petals). Ideally, they keep fortunately stuff in like color and moisture and even though it stuff inside.

‘ Still another effective home remedy for genital warts is strawberry peel spot. It may be apply on the wart for overnight. Involved with among essentially the most readily useful home remedies for genital warts.

What always be plants in which good in order to cure illness and use for beauty purposes? Samples of these include: adelfa (leaves), which is good for herpes, epilepsy and snakebite. While papaya is best for eczema, sores, menstruation, rashes and even asthma.

The remedies that you use at this stage can lessen the harshness of the infection, its duration, and the region effected. It can be also soothe the pain and scratching. This might even stop further advance of the virus and successfully prevent an outbreak from growing.

If you’re afraid of heights or worried about getting up there, avoid your own roof repair. Call a roof repair specialist to investigation . inspection for you. It’s not a bad idea to buy a professional inspection at least once. Their skill and expertise will often spot a person wouldn’t see. You can also learn a whole about your home’s roofing from a nice.